NBA Daily X&O Recap for Coaches: Clippers at Mavericks - How to Play a Good Pick and Roll

Pick and Roll is the most used basketball action. Still, many players cant execute it the right way. In tonights match where Mavs were able to beat the Clippers 114-110, I saw this hesitation move which gave the space needed to make a good play and all after a bad screen made by the big man.


Hand - off action

As we can see, we have a simple hand - off situation on the side, and we can see the Polish Hammer standing on somewhat beneath the three point line waiting to make a screen for the ball handler. What I also see is Jordan standing in the middle of the paint and this is way too low for any standards, not to talk about NBA.

Bad screen

Here we can see that the screen was unsuccessful because:

1. Player with the ball went too wide dribbling the ball

2. Big man went to roll way too early

Hesitation move to keep the defense off the ball

If your player find himself in no mans land, the situation where he is not prepared for the shot nor the penetration lane is open and you have a good shot blocker in the paint, this is what should you do. Watch where your player is, stop and receive him on your lower back while you stand in the stance, hold him a bit with your off hand and keep the ball as far as possible. Wait and observe what is going on and then react based on defensive movement.

Passing options

As soon as Jordan started back pedaling, player with the ball went forward. His defender could not recover in defense so Jordan had to switch. This lead to open pass either to Marcin Gortat or the player in the far corner if there is help defender from that side.

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Dec 03, 2018 Coach Viktor

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