(Rental)-Maximizing The Post In The Dribble Drive Offense

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    Maximizing the Post in the Dribble Drive Offense

    The Dribble Drive offense has become the go-to system for teams that have athletic wing players. What do teams do with their post players in the Dribble Drive? Oakland University (MI) head coach Greg Kampe shares a new wrinkle to the offense that reduces the importance on playmaking perimeter players and creates opportunities for post players.

    Kampe is a five-time Summit League Coach of the Year, a four-time conference champion, and his Grizzlies teams are normally one of the top scoring offenses in the nation year after year. With over 600 career victories, Kampe has developed an offensive system that scores points.

    Offense Responsibilities

    In this video, he will provide a breakdown of guard responsibilities within the offense. With simple one-word cues, Kampe walks players through the many options that are available. It all starts by initiating the offense at the elbow, which is unique.

    Plays Within Dribble Drive

    First, Kampe shows you the “Loop” play. This leads to several other options like “Pitch,” “Kick,” and “Skip.” With the “Through” cue, an immediate driving lane opens up at the top with multiple options to pass and score. You will also see backdoor options and ball screen plays to give the offense even more looks.

    The beauty of Kampe’s system is that he can string together these one-word cues and come up with countless numbers of offensive sets. All the motions are demonstrated using 5-on-0 action and then again in a 5-on-5 setting.

    Maximize the Post

    As teams get better at the guard action, Coach Kampe introduces the post options showing you how to get a deep post up or ways to create scoring opportunities for good shooting bigs. Kampe demonstrates an easy way to get a high percentage shot from the elbow.

    When facing teams that play aggressive help defense, Kampe shows you a number of duck-in options that can make the post the most dangerous scorer on the floor. The offense also creates a lot of weak side rebound and scoring opportunities.

    In the final segment of the video, Coach Kampe demonstrates “Loop-Through-Fist” which is great against 2-3 zones. The dribble drive offense is not just a playground offense anymore. Kampe’s teams have finished in the top 10 nationally in scoring on several occasions. With its options for guards and post players, coaches will discover how effective the dribble drive can be. Rent this Dribble Drive Offense DVD today.

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