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    Matt Painter Defense DVD:  Building a Championship Defense

    Matt Painter’s 2019 Purdue team won a Big Ten championship and earned a trip to the Elite Eight. The Boilermakers’ accomplishments are directly related to Painter’s trademark defense. Painter has led Purdue to two Sweet Sixteen appearances, three Big Ten titles, and he has been named the Big Ten Coach of the Year four times. In this video, Painter shows you how he builds his man-to-man defense from transition to half-court. You will see the drills he uses to ensure he has a defense he can count on every night.

    Transition Defense

    Matt Painter Defense video teaches transition defense by first explaining how offenses are taught. Then, Painter gets into how to stop the outlet pass. One guard plays a sort of “centered safety” who prevents the easy outlet pass and forces the opponent’s point guard to come back to the ball. This buys time for the defense.

    Building transition defense starts with 3-on-2 and 2-on-1 drills. These drills teach players how to rotate, protect the rim, and force a jump shot instead of a layup. Painter progresses into 4-on-3 and 5-on-4 drills to teach the same concepts.

    Scrimmage Drills for Transition Defense

    Coach Painter presents a number of drills to reinforce transition drills. The first is the Kansas City drill. Three teams of three players each simulate transition in a cutthroat-style drill. Another series of drills begins with a free throw and progresses from 2-on-1 to 3-on-2 to 4-on-3, 5-on-4, and eventually 5-on-5. The Rush Drill is used to help players understand how to play when they are at a disadvantage. Four offensive players attack against a defense caught in transition.

    Half-Court Defense

    Painter introduces two variations of the Shell Drill to teach stunting and rotational slides. These are the cornerstone for any strong defensive team. The first drill is the 4-Out Shell. This teaches how to defend cutters, baseline drives, and dribble-thrus. Painter uses these situations to work on the correct rotations.

    The other drill is the 3-Out/1-In Shell. This drill helps defenses understand how to defend post players. With the ball above the free throw line extended, the post is denied with a full front. Post release is also covered with baseline drives from the wing and the big man rotating to stop the drive.

    You will also be introduced to Bluff and Stay and Flat, Not Deep concepts. These and others are why Painter has been so successful. Now, you can incorporate some or all of Painter’s ideas to improve your own defense. Rent this Matt Painter Defense DVD today.

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