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    Jim Boone Basketball Clinic Team Drills and Offense

    Don't you want an offense that will transform your game? You can have an edge of strong post players with an offense that can help you transform your game. About this offense Jim Boone has said, it will pound the ball inside, inside, and inside some more. Coach Boone's Two Game offense will be making use of the high/low passes and besides that the coach in order to score inside the paint will also try to make use of the Fist ball screens.

    So, the Jim Boone Basketball practice session will start with focus on the post and guards players offense. Here position-specific skill work will be taken in account that will replicate actions with the offense of post and guard players. For the perimeter players to create their own jump shot, post feeds, and driving the ball with a competitive 3-on-3 drill, these players will be working on using the side ball screens. Now for the posts, the main focus will be on using good footwork along with the use of a cheat step on mid-range jump shots, making use of cross screens, and scoring off high/low post feed or after the quick ball reversal. These drills and practices will definitely help you transform your game and it will help you get better on several areas of the game.

    There are so many things that you are going to learn like learning the art of many scoring options and entries that will be used with the 4-on-0 and 5-on-0 practice segments. There are some useful points that the coach Boone will explain that are very important for the players like players movements needed to reverse the ball and the different ways the post can be fed through the action. The players will run the secondary break options in transition when they will go through the 5-on-0 drill. Furthermore, the Coach will also work on going from the Two Game Offense into their Fist ball screen actions.

    Jim Boone Basketball Clinic Pack Line Defense

    In the second Disc, the coach Boone will be focusing on the defensive side of the game. You will see the drills that will teach you the Pack Line defensive system. This will work very efficiently in protecting the paint and grinding out defensive spots. So, this drill will definitely improve your defensive game and will improve your defensive skills. The main reason of proper execution is also demonstrated in depth. When you are going through this practice, you will also learn lots of drills that will help you build the skills of individual defenders, coordinate your team defense, and also it will help you train your players to sprint back and will also match up in transition defense. So, you can see it will definitely help you in many ways.

    So, the players will be able to improve their overall game and will be able to defend in a better way. Their abilities to defend the Pack Line will get better after going through the five different drills. These drills will cover different areas of your game like closeout technique, containing the ball, guarding the ball on the perimeter, and denying the post and also it will help from the perimeter on any catch in the post. So, this will help your big time and this is not the end. As, there are more five drills that are being used to help you build the team aspect of the defense. Coach Boone's version of the standard shell drill teaches players how to defend numerous offensive actions such as basket cuts, down screens, stagger screens, and ball screens, while training players to communicate in order to quickly match-up and contain the offense.

    Jim Boone Pack Line Defense and Program Building

    When it comes to the Disc 3, the coach Boone will reveal the top secrets in order to develop a winning culture. These secrets will also enable you to be dominant at your defense and Boone will also share lots of ideas to get better at your practice. There are so many things that you are going to learn and this program is all about learning new and useful things. Ren this Jim Boone basketball DVD today.

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