(Rental)-Introduction To Swing Offense

  • (Rental)-Introduction To Swing Offense
  • Introduction To Swing Offense by Ryan Looney Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Swing Offense: The Introduction

    One of the more successful offenses at the high school and college levels is the Swing. Idaho State University head coach Ryan Looney has used the offense with great success everywhere he has been. In this instructional video, Coach Looney uses diagrams, on-court demonstrations, and game film to teach the basics and advanced skills of the Swing Offense.

    Transition into Basketball Swing Offense

    It all starts with transition. Coach Looney shows you how to transition from defense to offense and flow right into the basketball Swing offense. Each player’s role is broken down in transition. Coach Looney shows you where the best opportunities for early 3-point shots and post ups will occur. He also shows you the various entries used to start the offense and then shows game film to help you see it all in action.

    Screening in the Swing Offense

    Coach Looney then begins teaching the half-court offense which revolves around two types of screens:

    • Up Screen: This action is set up by a simple pass to the wing. The cutter then uses the screen to get to the rim. The screener steps out to the perimeter and replaces the cutter. This action allows for a quick scoring opportunity and also keeps the offense properly spaced.
    • Flex Screen: When the ball skips from one side of the court to the other, a flex screen is set for the weak side wing. This action is another way to get a player a great scoring opportunity.

    The screens are the foundation of the basketball Swing Offense. Coach Looney shows you where and when to set each screen as well as all the options the offense can exploit off of each screen. He also reviews other options as well. When defenders try to fight through screens or anticipate cuts, baseline drives open up. Pick and pop options, wing ball screens, and multiple post up opportunities are also reviewed.

    Proper execution of the Swing Offense makes it very difficult to defend. It is a great team offense as all the pieces work together toward a common goal. With proper spacing and constant movement, defenses are forced to fight through screens, adjust to off-ball movement, and defend the weak side.

    Whether you are looking for an update of the Swing Offense or just want to improve your understanding of half-court offense, this is an outstanding presentation to add to your coaching library. Rent this basketball swing offense DVD today.

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