(Rental)-Injury Prevention - 100 Prehab Drills To Keep Athletes In The Game

  • (Rental)-Injury Prevention - 100 Prehab Drills To Keep Athletes In The Game
  • Injury Prevention - 100 Prehab Drills To Keep Athletes In The Game by Barry Kagan Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Sport Performance Preparation: Injury Prevention – Prehab Drills to Keep Athletes in the Game

    Former University of Maryland strength and conditioning coach Barry Kagan continues his Sport Performance Series with this second installment that introduces and teaches the techniques associated with what has become known as pre-habilitation. The techniques and concepts Kagan presents in this video are to help athletes be physically prepared for competition and to prevent injury.

    Coach Kagan begins with ideas for improving balance, stability, and proprioception. He explains how these can be included into a regular strength and conditioning program or how they may be included as a dynamic warmup or part of a cool down at the end of a workout session.

    Injury  Prevention Exercises

    The exercises are numerous to give coaches some variety from which to choose. The exercises are grouped by body part to help coaches make an easy decision when it comes to exercise selection. Kagan also gets into how incorporating these exercises can be done to improve in-season strength programs.

    Coaches and players will see the benefits of using these drills immediately. Players will feel their bodies adapt. They will miss fewer minutes and recover faster from minor tweaks. The long-term impact of committing to balance, functional strength, proprioception, and flexibility will make a huge difference in your sport preparation.

    The exercises presented in this video will open up new and creative approaches to injury prevention by showing you how to implement functional strength and balance to your existing routines. Coach Kagan’s Sport Performance Preparation Series has all the tools needed for athletes to take their game to the next level. There is a wealth of information presented here by one of the nation’s most respected strength and conditioning coaches. Rent this Injury Prevention DVD for athletes today.

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