(Rental)-Individual & Team Shooting Drills

  • (Rental)-Individual & Team Shooting Drills
  • Individual & Team Shooting Drills by Andy Toole Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Andy Toole: Individual and Team Shooting Drills

    Robert Morris head coach Andy Toole expands your shooting drill library with this presentation designed to increase your team’s shooting ability. The 2014 NEC Coach of the Year breaks down his shooting drills into those for pre-practice, practice, and team drills during practice. Coach Toole helps players identify a good shot, which is a key in developing better basketball players.

    Pre-Practice Drills

    Players learn the concept of a good shot in a series of three pre-practice shooting drills. The drills train a player to be ready to shoot at all times. One of the most difficult things for players is to be prepared to shoot when open. Toole addresses that by emphasizing footwork and catching form so that players are ready to shoot when open.

    Attacking the Pass is a drill that puts footwork and catching form against a defensive closeout. A better catch beats the closeout. This drill helps players develop a consistent shot that will be successful at a high percentage. Toole builds on that footwork in the Nine Shot drill where players learn to shoot off of screens. Sweeps is another drill series that produces high percentage shots.

    Practice & Team Drills

    Coach Toole works on a critical area of shooting – penetration shots. He breaks down penetration and how it is used to create shots. The Lafayette Shooting drill works on shooting off the pass as well as how to setup screens and passes in an attempt to create a good shot.

    Team shooting drills are also included. Coach Toole demonstrates drills that can be tailored to any offensive system. The drills are simple, easily adaptable, and help create some consistency in taking game-like shots.

    Coach Toole ends his presentation with three of his favorite end-of-practice drills: CBA Shooting, 22 Threes, and Butler Shooting. All three are full-court drills and focus on shots in transition and in the half-court.

    This is an excellent collection of drills to help any team develop consistency in their shooting. Coach Toole gives you the tools to develop any player or team into quality shot takers and shot makers. Rent this team shooting drills DVD today.

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