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    Basketball Skill Development Drills

    George Washington University head coach Jamion Christian gives you an up-close and personal look at the Mayhem Offensive System in this video. Christian, the former Siena College and Mount St. Mary’s head coach, give you an in-depth look at the five different drill series for the offense. You will learn how to workout your players so they understand the actions and scoring opportunities within the Mayhem offense.

    Basketball Skill Development Series 1

    This series works on skills for post players. Coach Christian explains how to hold your players to higher standards. Players work on finishing at the rim, handling the ball in and out of the post, and post moves. Coach Christian uses combination drills to teach skills like ball handling and post moves. He even shows a 1-on-1 chair drill.

    Basketball Skill Development Drill Series 2

    Post drills continue as Christian puts players into Mayhem situations. In pick and roll situations, Christian teaches players how to read the screen and catch and finish both early and late off the high pick and roll. Post player development continues with the side pick and roll as well as a reversal series that teaches players to get open shots on the wing and corner off a pick and roll.

    Basketball Skill Development Drill Series 3 & 4

    These drills help to develop your wings and guards in a number of ways. Players use the pick and roll, learn to attack off the dribble, and also look for open shooters. Also emphasized here is the importance of finishing at the rim and the “and 1.” A variety of moves are taught here including the Euro finish, Kobe finish, and others.

    Basketball Skill Development Drill Series 5

    Coach Christian uses the last workout of the offseason to put his players through a competitive workout. Players work on ball handling moves to attack the rim more effectively. Christian also teaches drills that incorporate actions and movements within the Mayhem offense.

    This is a must-have presentation for coaches of all levels as they look to take their teams’ skill levels to the new heights. If you emphasize attacking the rim and scoring off the 3-pointer, this is the DVD for you. Rent this basketball skill development DVD today.

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