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  • How to Be a Great Basketball Coach
  • Auriemma & Knight: Essentials Of Coaching Basketball by Geno Auriemma Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    How to Be a Great Basketball Coach with Bob Knight

    This program is all about to the two of the most successful and legendary coaches of the basketball world who will share their thoughts and ideas on the game and how it should be taught to the players and some of the amazing drills that have made their teams super successful.

    Coach Knight will take a start with a detailed analysis of his coaching style and he will then hold a discussion on how to use your beliefs to your advantage and how to develop your own philosophy for the game. He will make you understand things in a fairly new manner and he will help you create strategies in order to learn the concepts used by other coaches to fit your team. So, you will be learning a new way of approaching the game that will help you get great results for sure.

    You will be learning how you can build a solid offense around getting to the free throw line. Coach Knight will also make you understand and be able to use the concepts of pass, cut; and screen as your basic building rules. The coach Knight gives huge importance to small areas of the game as these small areas play a vital role such as the effective use of managers, filming practice, and practice time can add a lot to the overall success of the program.

    How to Be a Great Basketball Coach with Geno Auriemma

    Coach Auriemma has his own way of approaching the Basketball philosophy. He focuses on the importance of team's formation and the value of their playing style and how it effects the overall game of the players. After this, he will show you how he starts his practice and the kinds of drills he thinks are important for the growth of the team.

    You will be learning lots of things in this program as the coach will make you go through the drills that will help generate a culture of trust, hustle, and being fundamentally sound on the offensive end. The coach Auriemma will be putting a lot of effort in all this and will be giving you a mixture of basketball concepts so that you can get a great amount of knowledge and he will then give you these concepts in the form of a one comprehensive drill that will give power to the skills. Furthermore, the coach will also give you simple yet effective drills that will make you learn the art of passing, cutting and shooting within the offense. In the end, the coach will also discuss numerous techniques that he uses on regular basis in order to build his fast break. Rent this How to Be a Great Basketball Coach DVD today.

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