(Rental)-How to Attack Trapping, Changing, & Special Defense

  • (Rental)-How to Attack Trapping, Changing, & Special Defense
  • How to Attack Trapping, Changing, & Special Defense by Jim Shannon Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Jim Shannon: How to Attack Trapping, Changing & Special Defenses

    Learn basketball offense drills from one of the great high school coaches of our time, Jim Shannon, how to beat attacking pressure defenses. These types of defenses can wreak havoc especially at the high school level, and Coach Shannon can show you how to make beating these defenses second nature.

    Shannon has over 500 career wins at New Albany HS in Indiana. He was the state’s Coach of the Year in 2016 and one of the reasons why was his ability to teach his players how to beat any high-pressure or specialty defense. Through a series of individual drills, breakdown drills, and ultimately team drills; Coach Shannon shares with you how to break the pressure defense.

    Individual Basketball Offense Drills

    One of Shannon’s favorite basketball offense drills is the Pull Back Crossover where a player attacks a cone on the floor and then retreats away from pressure and then uses a crossover dribble to change direction. The idea is to keep the body between the ball and the defender. Shannon offers coaching points reminding players to keep their heads up so they are able to see the defense as well as their teammates.

    Individual drills build the foundation for developing the skills necessary to beat pressure defenses. Players learn to come meet the ball against these defenses which helps them be strong with the ball in the face of pressure.

    Breakdown Baketball Offense Drills

    Four breakdown drills are introduced to attack high pressure trapping defenses. Coach Shannon’s drills allow your teams to work on multiple skills at once. Players learn to recognize traps and pass while under pressure as well as catch passes under pressure. While offensive players work on their skills, defensive players work on trapping and creating turnovers.

    One specific breakdown drill is the Texas Ringer Drill which teaches players to use their pivot and ball fakes as well as make strong passes in the heart of a defense. The drill can be extended to the half court forcing the defense to cover more area and allowing the offense to work on making good strong passes.

    Team Basketball Offense Drills

    Coach Shannon illustrates four team drills that simulate game situations for your players. Drills include 5-on-6, 1-2-1-1 press break, breaking a half-court 1-2-2 trap, and beating the box-and-1 defense. Coach also shows you three passing options for a trapped player, how to post up at center court to prevent a steal by a trapping defense, and how to create a scoring system when working on the press break.

    This 73-minute video conveys a wealth of knowledge from one the best coaching minds in the country. If breaking a press and beating trapping defenses is crucial to your success, this video is a must for your coaching library. Rent this great basketball offense drills DVD today.

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