(Rental)-How To Attack Pressure Defense

  • (Rental)-How To Attack Pressure Defense
  • How To Attack Pressure Defense by Saul Phillips Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    How to Attack Pressure Defense

    The ability to handle pressure defenses is a must for smaller schools that play against more athletic teams regardless of the level. Saul Phillips, former head coach at North Dakota State and Ohio University, shows you his press breakings system and the drills he uses to teach it. In this video, he covers a full-court press break alignment and counters that go with it to help your players attack an opponent with poise.

    Phillips, who is now the head women’s coach at Northern State, consistently had some of the best teams in the nation in turnover margin. His teams simply didn’t turn the ball over. This was due to the fundamental skills that Coach Phillips stresses. It all begins with each player understanding the roles, responsibilities, and work habits of his position. This helps in creating an attacking mentality.

    You will see how hard your point guard has to work to beat a pressure defense. Phillips shows you the importance of your inbounder being able to move as well as why it is vital to use the entire floor to make your opponents work. Coach Phillips uses both 5-on-0 and 5-on-5 situations to demonstrate all the attack angles for his press breaking system.

    How to Break The Full Court Press

    The first drill Phillips uses in his practice is a simple pass and catch drill, but it is the foundation for breaking the press. Players learn the importance of making hard cuts to get open, coming to meet the ball, passing, and catching. As Coach Phillips dives further into how to break presses, you will hear these concepts referred to often. Whether it’s a 2-2-1 or a 1-3-1 press, players have to focus on strong passes, hard cuts, and catching the basketball.

     Full Court Pressure Drills

    Included in the presentation are a number of drills that you can use right away to create an attacking mentality on your press break. Coach Phillips guides you through several disadvantage situations where you are outnumbered on offense. This forces your players to attack.

    There are full-court drills that simulate how defenses look when they trap and use the sideline to contain a press. Coach Phillips includes counters to beat the traps. Your players will learn how to deal with pressure and how to play with poise even with a defender in your face.

    This is a great DVD for coaches that need to find ways to counter defensive pressure or those that just simply want to create an attacking mentality with their press break. Rent this Pressure Defense DVD today.

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