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  • HoopsKing Basketball Footwork Training Steps  are great for footwork drills,  workouts, teaching youth players.
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  • learn how to make a layup with proper footwork easily
  • learn advanced moves like the Euro Step
  • Learn to step past defenders to relieve pressure on passes
  • Post moves with proper footwork is easy with the training steps
  • Help players learn how to pivot with the training steps.
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  • LEARN FOOTWORK QUICKER - Players can see exactly where to step and the angle at which they should step.
  • POST PLAYER FOOTWORK DRILLS - Make sure posts step towards the basket on a drop step instead of to the baseline.
  • GUARD FOOTWORK DRILLS - Teach players to beat defenders off the dribble.
  • TEACH FOOTWORK FOR ANYTHING - Use Hoop Steps for Volleyball, Tennis, Dancing or whatever you want!
  • 4 HoopsKing Steps Included
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How to Teach Your Players Proper Footwork Quickly & they have More Confidence and Fun

Basketball is a Game Where You Use Your Feet
to Get Into Position to Use Your Hands

Develop Great Footwork as the Feet are the Foundation of Your Game

basketball training for footwork pad mat

Attention Basketball Parents Or Coaches!

The following is a message for every basketball parent or coach who need to help their child or team learn to develop great footwork in basketball.. but can't always work with their child on the drills or have limited repetitions in practice as a coach.

Hi, my name is Coach Chris and here's the TRUTH you need to know about teaching basketball players proper footwork!

You see, basketball is a game where you use your feet to get into position to use your hands. Your feet are your most important tool in basketball. Footwork is the foundation of your game.

basketball footwork drills mat pad training

Here's the Biggest Problem with Teaching Footwork...

Here's the biggest problem you face right now.

It's teaching your players to quickly learn to use proper footwork on moves.

But that's not the end of the problem. It actually gets worse! Why?

Because it takes a lot of time to learn the correct footwork involved with offensive moves, post play, positioning, and more! There is a ton of footwork involved in basketball on offense and defense and mastering these moves takes a lot of time.

Which means many players get frustrated and give up

basketball footwork mat drills pad

This Just Isn't True...

And, worst of all, most basketball parents or coaches can't get past the idea that players will just get better as they get older which isn't true because basketball is a game of skill that must be practiced.

Can You Play the Violin?

Think about this...if you can't play the violin are you going to wake up in another year and be able to play it well because you are a year older? Of course not! It requires skill and basketball requires the skill of footwork and the best players have the best footwork..

They get where they need to go on the court with great footwork. Young and old players alike shouldn't have to suffer or struggle with learning proper footwork.

You Can Learn Basketball Moves Easily...

You see, there is a much easier way to get players to "Get It" much sooner and make them feel more confident in themselves.

So if you're basketball parent or coach who really needs to help their child or team learn footwork.., but can't always work with their child on the drills, or practice time is limited here's the solution you've been looking for...

Introducing... "HoopsKing Footwork Training Steps"

What the Training Steps will Help You With...

Learn Fundamental Footwork Easily

Learn basic footwork easily by giving players a reference of where to step. Forward & Reverse Pivots become easy to learn setting a solid foundation for your players to build upon.

Give Your Players More Confidence

When players know they can step on the Training Steps they will become more confident in learning any move. They know exactly how to do the move. Help Beginning players master a layup quickly instead of taking multiple seasons to do so.

Create Better Passers Vs. Pressure

Teach your players to step past the defense and not step away from the defense to make passes. You must attack pressure not melt under it.

Effortlessly Train By Yourself Without A Coach

No Coach? No problem! Just set the Footwork steps out in the pattern of your move and you can work on perfecting any move all by yourself.

Better than any Traditional Cone

Normal cones can't be stepped on or round flat cones don't show the angle that the foot should be at to do a move. Using the Footwork Steps shows the player EXACTLY where and how their foot should be positioned on any move.

Discover The Quickest And Easiest Way To Improve Your Game On Offense & Defense

Whether it's offensive or defensive footwork, the HoopsKing Training Steps will help you learn proper footwork more quicky.

Results After the First Workout

In just one workout, you can learn new moves and proper footwork. Dominate the Post, Finish at the Basket, or even learn to make a basic layup correctly after just one practice. The HoopsKing Footwork Training Steps will have you learning all sorts of moves more quickly.

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HoopsKing Footwork Training Steps

Everything you need to teach great footwork. Quickly and Easily.

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