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The HoopShooter Pro, is a patent-pending basketball training equipment that helps players keep their hands and arms in the most advantageous position before and after the release of the basketball. Once you remove the HoopShooter Pro after practicing with it on, it feels like you are still wearing it. This effect is called a 'muscle memory' effect.

The HoopShooter Pro is very light weight and flexible. It allows unlimited free movement of the hands. It is fun to use and will make learning the mechanics of shooting the basketball more predictable and therefore more rewarding to the athlete.
Here is what the Hoop Shooter Pro can fix:
  • Keeps the hands in good shooting position
  • Stops shooters from prematurely dropping the balance or non-shooting hand
  • Stop shooters from crossing arms on the shot
  • Brings balance hand to the appropriate height on the shot
  • Easily helps develop a true one-handed shot
  • Eliminates drifting of the balance hand



What the Boss Says

Chris Hungerford

Chris Hungerford CEO


I think the Hoop Shooter Pro is the best shooting aid there is.  I say that because it does so many things to improve shooting.  Most aids we have are specific to one problem.  The Hoop Shooter Pro does multiple things and some you might not even notice.  It's very comfortable to wear when practicing shooting.  It's a device that no matter what level you are at, you should continue to use even just a few minutes a day to really reinforce that great shooting form.  You won't go wrong with the Hoop Shooter Pro.

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