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  • HEAVIEST WEIGHTED GLOVE - Hoop Handz are Double the weight of the the nearest competitor which lets you develop more muscle than lighter gloves which means the gloves will allow for even stronger and quicker hands.
  • ACTIVATES MORE MUSCLES - Complete weight distribution around the hand's flex points so you're able to maximize muscle development of the hands, wrist, & forearms and that means you'll devleop maximum power on your dribble, shot, and passes
  • DOESN'T RESTRICT MOVEMENT LIKE OTHER GLOVES - Gloves made from stretch nylon which doesn't restrict movement of the and which means the Hoop Handz are comfortable to wear during training
  • LOOKS GREAT! - Weights on the fingers have a low profile which means they are sleek and noone will even know you are using weigthed gloves until they pick them up!
  • DEVELOP BETTER HANDLES - Anti-grip surface makes it harder to handle the basketball so when you take the gloves off you have the ball on a string
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    Increase Hand Speed & Power by Training w/ Hoop Handz Weighted Basketball Gloves

    Start Developing Stronger, Faster, & Quicker Hands

    Here's What Hoop Handz Gloves will do for your game...

    HoopsKing Hoop Handz Weighted Basketball Dribbling Gloves

    Confidence with the Ball will Soar!

    Watch a player's confidence with the basketball soar after the first workout with the Hoop Handz weighted gloves. Players will feel more confident with the ball and become more agressive on offense when they have the ball.

    Complete weight distribution of over 1 lb per glove around the hand's flex points enable you to maximize muscle development of the hands, wrist, & forearms and that means you'll develop maximum power on your dribble, shots, and passes. Your hand speed and quickness will also

    Hoop Handz Weighted Basketball Dribbling Gloves

    Use Hoop Handz Weighted Gloves for All Sports...
    Soccer, Football, Track, Crossfit, Volleyball, & More!

    Weighted Gloves women men training exercise workout
    weighted gloves football training receiver catching
    weighted gloves training soccer goalie
    Volleyball weighted gloves training serving

    Here's What Customers are Saying.

    Attention Parents:

    Does your child struggle to hold onto the basketball in games whether it be dribbling or catching the ball?

    Do you want to handle the basketball with more power and authority? Would you like to have that deep range on your shot? Do you need to keep pesky defenders from taking the basketball from you?

    Are you doing everything you can to succeed at the next level in basketball?

    Hoop Handz weighted training gloves are the pefect way to develop stronger, faster, & quicker hands for basketball which means you'll dribble the ball with more power, stop losing the ball to defenders, increase range on your shot, and much more!

    Hoop Handz are the heaviest weighted basketball training gloves on the market and will develop more power, more strength, and more quickness in your fingers, wrists, and forearms than any other weighted glove...

    Build Stronger, Quicker, & Faster Hands without Extra Workouts

    Just wear Hoop Handz gloves during your normal workouts to build hand strength, speed, and quickness - without having to do any extra workouts. Accomplish more during your workouts with the Hoop Handz gloves and get to that next level sooner.

    hoop handz hands weighted basketball dribbling gloves for basketball

    Improve Mutliple Facets of Your Game at Once

    Patented form fitting micro-weights will develop Stronger fingers, wrists, and forearms that will increase range on your shot, put better rotation on your shot, help you rip rebounds down with authority, stop other players from knocking the ball out of your hands, and zip passes past defenders with ease.

    Hoop Handz Weighted Gloves Move Naturally with Your Hands...while Putting Weight over the Entire Hand So You Maximize Muscle Development & Dexterity

    Hoop Handz weighted basketball training gloves

    As you can see in the image above, Hoop Handz have Flex Point weights that move naturally with your fingers giving you better performance when training. Other gloves use big bulky pouches of iron shot that don't move naturally with your hands.

    Our weights are securely held in place by a pouch sewn inside the glove which means the weights aren't going anywhere - unlike the pouch gloves which when one thread on the pouch comes undone it won't be long before all that iron shot comes falling out and your weights are on the floor.

    Anti Grip Surface for Better Handles

    Hoop Handz feature an anti-grip palm to that the ball is harder to control when using the gloves.

    When you dribble the ball without the gloves it will feel like your hand is a suction cup to the basketball. Your control and feel of the ball will become more aware and increase your confidence in real play.

    anti grip basketball gloves

    Sleek Stylish Profile that Looks Great!

    Hoop Handz are sleek and stylish. Even though Hoop Handz gloves are the heavist gloves on the market we have the lowest profile which gives them a more normal look.

    Unlike competitors with Big Bulky pouches of iron shot that pop up like mountains (and don't move naturally with your fingers), the micro weights in Hoop Handz will get your hands faster, quicker and stronger and keep you looking good on the court!

    Easy to Build Faster, Stronger, & Quicker Hands

    Just do the normal dribbling, passing, rebounding, & shooting drills you do with the Hoop Handz on. It's that easy to build faster, stronger, & quicker hands without having to do extra workouts.

    *Hoop Handz are not for use during scrimmage or live play.

    Hoop Handz Weighted Basketball Gloves are the Heaviest* Gloves on the Market which Means You'll get the Strongest Hands Possible from Training with them.

    *Example: The nearest competitor's Medium Pair of Gloves weighs 1 lb 2 ounces. Yes, that's per pair - not per glove. Compare that to the Hoop Handz medium pair that weighs 3 lbs 4 ounces. One Hoop Handz glove weighs more than both their gloves combined!

    heaviest weighted basketall glove on the market

    Weight Per Hoop Handz Pair of Gloves

    Size Lbs Ozs.










    Smaller Sizes

    We offer smaller sizes (Adult Small & Youth Large) in our S.W.A.G. Gloves which feature adjustable weight.

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    As you can see in the chart above, Hoop Handz are up to 3X as heavy as the nearest competitor with Big Bulky Pouches for weights. When you pick up a Hoop Handz glove vs a Competing glove - you'll see there is no comparison.

    The Difference Between Hoop Handz & Gloves with Wrist Weight Only

    This is a comparison of weighted basketball gloves that have weight only in the wrist area. They don't come even close to Hoop Handz in weight per pair or functionality. Hoop Handz are nearly 4X as heavy as the wrist weight only weighted basketball gloves.

    Here's All the Muscles Hoop Handz Strengthen
    vs. the Wrist Weight only Gloves!

    hand speed weighted basketball gloves

    How to Break In Your Hoop Handz Gloves

    With 4 Way Stretch Material the Hoop Handz will form fit to your hands after some wear. We suggest wearing the gloves when not training for 15 minutes a day for 10 days

    How to Choose Your Size of Hoop Handz Weighted Gloves

    The sizes below are the "ranges of sizing dimensions" for which to purchase the gloves. We suggest if you are between sizes, go with the smaller size. Please see the illustration of how to measure the hand. The length of hand is measured from the break of the wrist/very edge of palm (which is a critical measurement-many people measure this incorrectly-please see video for details and picture of hand position.)

    Hand Length Between Orde

    6 3/4 to 7 1/4 inches
    For Small & Youth Large sizes please see our S.W.A.G Gloves.


    7 5/16 to 7 11/16


    7 3/4 to 8 1/16


    8 1/8 to 8 1/2


    The Sleek, Stylish Hoop Handz are the heaviest weighted basketball training gloves on the market and will develop more power, more strength, and more quickness in your fingers, wrists, and forearms than any other glove on the market.

    Faster, Stronger, & Quicker hands are vital to taking your game to the next level. Read our Weighted Gloves blog post here.

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