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    High Rep Skill Development Drills

    Former Owens Community College head coach Dave Clarke shows you how to run skill development drills with 12 to 15 players at a time. With high school teams having fewer coaches, Clarke shows you how to get players the repetitions they need to enhance their skill level. The drills are easy to teach and help coaches use their time efficiently while preparing players for the season.

    Dribbling Skill Development

    Clarke does a great job of combining skills into a single drill. The Cone Drill, for example, is one where players make various offensive moves and finish at the hoop with a variety of game-like scoring moves. Clarke calls it the Cone Drill but actually uses chairs and players perform the fundamental cross-over, behind the back, and spin moves through them.

    One of Clarke’s favorite moves is the floater. His players use it as well as reverse layups, a series of powerful jump stops, and mid-range jump shots to attack the basket.

    Passing Skill Development

    One of the lost arts in basketball is passing. When Clarke took over the program at Owens, he saw a need to get back to basic passing fundamentals. His teams improved their turnover percentage as a result.

    In games, most passes are side-to-side, yet so many passing drills emphasize straight ahead passes. Clarke puts more emphasis on the former. He demonstrates drills that teach players to rip the ball, step up to a pass, and use the proper footwork when throwing a pass.

    The passing drills include different ways to fake and how to use the dribble to improve passing angles. One drill you will see shows you how easy it is to teach and how the drill can change your team’s performance.

    Shooting Skill Development

    Successful teams are those that can shoot from anywhere on the court. In “Dave’s Shooting Drill,” Coach Clarke puts players at various angles. Players shoot from the elbow, the corner 3-pointer, and more as the drill covers all possible game shots. Players are constantly moving through the drill and working on other aspects of their game as they develop their shot.

    Throughout his entire presentation, Clarke emphasizes the value of having the whole team working on the same concepts at the same time. The idea of developing the complete basketball player helps all athletes reach their potential and, ultimately, leads to team success. Rent this Basketball Skill Development DVD today.

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