(Rental)-A Hierarchy Of Advanced Skills For Youth Basketball

  • (Rental)-A Hierarchy Of Advanced Skills For Youth Basketball
  • A Hierarchy Of Advanced Skills For Youth Basketball by John Tauer Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    These advanced drills and skills by Dr. John Tauer aim to provide the following for your basketball players:

    • The hierarchy of advanced drills is suitable for advanced offensive skills since this is an excellent teaching progression.
    • You’ll be able to identify the common mistakes youth players often make and those areas that can often be challenging to your youth basketball players. This is made possible by means of youth demonstrators in the video.
    • Additionally, this video will prove insightful for you as a coach as you try to train your players because Dr. Tauer is well experienced having had a successful career as a player, coach, youth camp director, and a psychology professor.

    These drills build on the Individual Skills drills by Dr. Tauer. With these advanced drills, you will be able to train your youth basketball players to be on top of their game at different levels by means of a sequence or progression of offensive moves. The drills also focus on how players are quick to reach when they catch the ball. Some of the areas they cover include:

    • Shots fake.
    • Change-of-direction moves.
    • Proper footwork on jab steps.
    • Individual defense.
    • The importance of changing speeds.
    • How to be efficient with every move they make.
    • How to create separation from defenders.
    • The importance of using both hands for dribbling and shooting.

    You will be able to use the progression of offensive moves to implement off the ball movements such as ‘pass and screen away' and ‘pass, cut, and fill'. You will also be able to successfully teach your youth basketball players to read the defense by means of simple and effective drills. Other unique features of these advanced drills include:

    • You will be able to watch demonstrations performed by youth players to help you understand the areas that might be challenging to your youth players as well as certain common mistakes they are prone to make.
    • The progression of these drills increases in their complexity whining different skill areas. You will be able to use drills that focus on the individual needs of your youth players as well as the needs of the team.
    • Due to Dr. Tauer's expertise in sports psychology, you’ll find these coaching and teaching points very helpful.

    In the video, Dr. Tauer highlights those areas that you need to watch as you train your youth players. These areas include:

    • To help them easily create separation from the opposition’s defense.
    • To ensure greater effectiveness with their moves.
    • To also finish effectively across the basket.

    Additionally, Dr. Tauer highlights how coaches can use positive feedback to encourage their players. This way, the players will be able to achieve greater results. He also explains how you can make these drills both challenging and competitive while training your youth players. Lastly, you will be able to train your youth players by incorporating several basic skills into each of the drills. This way, your youth players will be able to build different skills sets at once.

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