Gym Floor Tile Covers for Protection

  • gym floor covering protection tile
  • gym floor protective covering tiles
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  • Flexible Deployment Options mean the product can be easily adapted to fit a variety of settings and situations
  • Attractive Appearance adds to the aesthetic appeal of any space it is used in
  • Easy to Clean and Store, making maintenance and organization a breeze
  • Suitable for use on all hard floor surfaces, making it a versatile and convenient choice for any flooring needs
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  • Versatile
  • Only 8.2 Pounds per Tile!
  • Extremely Durable and StainResistant
  • Appearance and feel of Carpet
  • Incredible Acoustic Properties
  • Highly Slip Resistant
  • Used to Protect Virtually Any Floor Surface


Fiber: 100% U.V. Stable Recycled PET
Size: 35” x 70”
Pile Height: 1/8”
Total Height: 1/4”
Total Thickness: 1/4”
Total Weight: 74.5oz YD2 +/- 7%
Dye Method: Solution Dyed
Warranty: 7 Years
ASTM E 648-10 - Class 1
Primary Backing: Proprietary
Thermoplastic Blend with a laminated
fiberglass layer for dimensional stability

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