(Rental)-Auriemma & Knight: Shooting, Screening, Defensive Drills

  • Geno Auriemma Basketball Drills for Shooting, Screening, and Defense
  • Auriemma & Knight: Shooting, Screening, Defensive Drills by Geno Auriemma Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Geno Auriemma Basketball Drills for Shooting

    Shooting is one of the most vital skills in Basketball and you are going to learn skills like these in this instruction sets where the coach Knight will share the right way of shooting. You will learn lots of things about shooting like when to shoot, how to shoot and how to improve your shooting abilities quickly. There are some basic shooting drills that the coach will make you perform and this will set the stage for more exciting drills. These basic shooting drills will cover basic parts of shooting like passing and catching. The coach will take a start with a very basic catch-and-routine and will then build up to level two shots in which the players will catch and give a shot fake that will help to create a great scoring opportunity.

    There is a use of an offense philosophy to the players what to expect in ever shooting routine. In order to improve all aspects of coaching the coach will make use of several ideas and concepts.

    The screen to the motion offense is very important if you have watched the teams of Coach Knights over the years. The coach will make you understand the art of making use of the motion offense in the right way within your half-court offense. There are different aspects that are being covered like the basic down screen and cross screen. The coach will also show you the proper technique to use and the cutting options for both players.

    Geno Auriemma Basketball Drills for Screening and Defense

    You need a great defense to beat a good offense. So, you will learn how you can build your amazing philosophy of defense by the coach Auriemma. The man-to-man defense will be given priority in it. The coach will make use of the on-court explanations and he will also use the breakdown drills in order to make you understand an aggressive approach to man-to-man defense. The way coach explains everything is really amazing like in order to force your opponent into poor offensive shooting angles he outlines how to guard the 1-on-1 while being in the half-court.

    The coach Auriemma does a great job in understanding and learning different aspects of defensive techniques. The coach will also make you learn the simple transition between guarding the ball to moving off the ball when your man will cut through the lane. You will be entertained with the six drills to strengthen the defensive attack.

    The push to the sideline drill is very good too and this drill will push the ball handles to the sideline or baseline and this can be used as another defense to cut off the ball handles. So, every drill has its own role and if you follow everything with proper focus and dedication then you can certainly take your game to the next level. There are some drills that will empathize on jumping to the ball after pass, guarding cutters and defending the post. Rent this Geno Auriemma Basketball drills DVD today.

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