Fun Basketball Games & Drills for Kids: Pass, Cut, Jump, Pivot and Shoot ft. Chris Hungerford

This is the second article where we are going to talk about how to construct a training which is going to be both interesting and informative basketball vise. The main problem that many coaches experience is how to keep young players engaged to learn the fundamentals but at the same to make the drills fun.
Once again, we turned to our best coach, Chris Hungerford, and we asked him to share with us some tips and drills that we can use with our youngsters.

This time, we have a very good and interesting mix of passing, moving without the ball, some shooting and pivoting drills. All the important stuff is going to be done in an interesting way.

1. Pass and Cut

Pass and cut

For our first drill, you will need to fence a field with four spots. Put three players on the edges and one in the middle as a defender. The goal of the drill is to pass the ball to an open player (orange line) and run toward the open spot (blue line).

Fill up an empty spot

The goal of this drill is to teach your players to move! Opening a passing lane and giving your teammates another option on offense is the fundamentals of basketball. Denver Nuggets and Golden State Warriors are the best representatives of a simple pass and cut basketball.

Besides the improvement of passing and moving skills, this drill is going to improve your player's ability to make decisions and the guy on defense is really going to put his defensive skills on a test.

2. Shots with soft defense

Pass the ball to shooter

This drill is done in pairs, where we have a shooter and we have a player that is going to pass the ball to the shooter and immediately play some defense.

Play some easy defense

We all know that the shot without the defense and the shot when there is a defender in fron of you is not the same. As much as the repetitions are important, we must put our players under the small amount of defensive pressure because it is a real game situation. How often are you going to take a 100% open shot? Never. Even if the defender has no chance of blocking you, he is going to run towards you with his hand up. If you didn't train your players to shoot under some amount of fatige you are going to notice that their percentages are going to drop.

3. Hop, stop and Pivot 

Look for an empty spot

For this drill, you will need to arrange the hot spots around the court. These will represent the mark points where your players are going to do the drill. If you take a look at the young players of today, many of them have a problem of stopping in one hop, losing balance and not knowing the footwork of the pivot. There are so many turnovers, travelings and double travels, missed shots, just because the fundamentals were not taught properly.

This drill can be used in order to get your youngsters warmed up and prepared for the rest of the training, and at the same time, you will teach them something useful in a fun way. We all know hoping and pivoting in some full court drills can be boring a bit.

Stop in one contact with good balance

Teaching our players to stop in only one contact is an essential skill that they are going to use their whole carrier. If they get it right from the start, all other things are going to be much easier for them later. Good balance in basketball is everything.

Chose a pivot

Pivot, pivot, pivot. As easy as it looks, today we can see players that just do not know how to pivot! If we compare, let's say Hakim Olajuwon or Kevin Garnet, and compare them to Blake Grifin and Dwight Howard, the eye test is going to tell us that the difference is enormous. Pivot is a universal thing that can be used both to protect the ball or to make space for your next move.

If you want to learn more drills for your youngest players stay tuned to our Blog. Coach Chris Hungerford and Hoopsking family is going to come up with some new easy drills that will give you some ideas on how to teach core basketball in a fun way.

Dec 23, 2018 Coach Viktor

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