Fun Basketball Games & Drills for Kids ft. Chris Hungerford

Back when I was a kid, I really enjoy hanging out with my friends after school. Every day we use to stick around the school grounds to play basketball. We were throwing a ball at the rim and on those rare occasions that the ball actually got through the basket, we yelled JOORDAAN or MAIL MAAAN. It was a thing that we really loved as kids and that friendship translated to workouts for the local team and later in life we all had a more or less successful player carrier. We developed great camaraderie through those times and it had indeed had a special place in my childhood.

Basketball was, and basketball is still the most important unimportant thing in my life.

Why am I writing this you might ask? Today I am a coach and the thing that I find most interesting is that the kids of today are much different then we were as youngsters. Basketball/Soccer/Football was everything for us and we wanted to be better at it no matter what. We were yelled at, for making silly mistakes, we had to run sprints as a punishment, and we all considered that as a normal thing.

The first time I yelled at my little players, one of the kids started to cry and asked me why don't I love her! That was a turning point for me as a coach and I understood that the kids of today are different. The method that was working on me/our generation, is not going to work on them.

The real challenge for the coaches of today is the different and more settle approach. We really need to keep the training hard and meaningful, but at the same time interesting and fun!

Coach Chris Hungerford is going to present to us some of the fun basketball games and drills that you can do with your kids and still maintain a high level of teaching basketball. Let's start:

1. Obstacle Tag:

For this fun drill you will need two players with the ball and for the obstacle, you can either use kids that are standing in a circle while holding hands or if you want for everybody to do the drill at the same time, instead of the players you can use chairs as obstructions.

The player that is trying to tag another player can go either ways and even between the obstacles, and the player that is running away can only go in the circle.

Drill Goals:

1. Kids have to dribble the ball and keep their heads up just to be able to track the other player.

2. Kids have to dribble the ball in every possible way with both hands.

3. Decision making is going to get better in time because the circumstances are on a constant change

Let's see the video:

2. Dribble and pivot

Divide your players into two groups. Everybody needs to have his own ball. Position groups on to deferent halves of the court and make them dribble the ball while moving in all directions.

Dribble in all directions

On your whistle, players need to stop, get into the stance and pivot.

stop on the whistle

On your second whistle, players will need to put the ball on the ground and go search for another ball.

find another ball

Drill Goals:

1. Dribble with both hands

2. Protect the ball

3. Eyes up and court awareness

3. Follow the Leader

For this drill divide the team into two columns. The first player in the line will be the leader that will dribble the ball the way he wants to and everybody else will need to mimic his moves. To make the drill more interesting, you can remove the players that do not copy the moves well. Last man standing can be the new leader and now he can set the tone for the new round.

fun basketball drills for kids

Drill Goals:

1. Improving concentration

2. Following instructions

3. Dribbling with both hands

4. Eyes up

4. Follow the Leader with 2 Balls

Adding one more ball is just going to challenge your players, so the benefits of the drill will have a double impact. They will have to be more concentrated just to be able to follow the given pattern, and because of that their dribbling skills will improve more.

These drills are a great way to build up the fundamentals of the dribbling and all that in a fun way. The kids will love to come to practice knowing that it will make them laugh while they will be learning some cool stuff. I even think that this kind of approach is good for every level of basketball because it will make the players happy.

If you want to learn more about youth basketball coaching experience, go rent a DVD by clicking on the link below:


May 22, 2019 Coach Viktor

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