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    Full Court Trapping System and Breakdown Drills

    Indiana University Southeast was one of the top defensive and scoring teams in the nation using a full-court pressure system that created havoc for opponents. In this video, coaches Andrew Grantz and Trae Cunningham lay out the entire full court trapping system by demonstrating White, 22, 1 Up, Face, and Double Face presses. The use of each will leave opponents guessing what’s coming next.

    White Press

    White is a full-court 1-2-1-1 press that looks to trap when the ball is in the short corner. You will see where to place players on the floor to maximize havoc with deflections and steals. The coaches place an emphasis on getting a good trap at the start of the defense and they expain what to do if the trap is broken.

    22 Press

    The 22 Press is a soft 2-2-1 full-court defense that can lull your opponents into a false sense of security. The idea is to bait the offense toward the sideline where an unexpected trap is forced on them. You will see how to pressure the ball handler, force him to pass the ball backwards, and keep the ball out of the middle of the floor.

    1 Up Press

    This is a man-to-man press designed to keep the ball handler under control and in front of the defense at all times. Coach Grantz and Coach Cunningham then take it a step further and execute the run-and-jump out of the 1 Up Press. This helps to gain a defensive advantage and keep offenses on their heels.

    Face & Double Face

    When facing a team with an outstanding ball handler or a player that is extremely hot, Coach Grantz and Coach Cunningham go to another form of the man-to-man press - Face and Double Face. These presses isolate an opponent’s best player and attempt to force a weaker ball handler into traps to force turnovers. Each of these schemes is broken down and detailed with drills included.

    There is a series of buildup drills that teach players the most important elements of trapping defenses. You’ll see how players are taught to have their ear to the chest of their opponent, how to have active hands, and how to transition into defense right after a made basket.

    With a pressing system that constantly changes where traps occur on the floor, Indiana University Southeast achieved a high level of success and won over 100 games in five years. Using this system, your team can do the same. Rent this full court trap DVD today.

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