(Rental)-Full Court Pressure Defense System With Breakdown Drills

  • (Rental)-Full Court Pressure Defense System With  Breakdown Drills
  • Full Court Pressure Defense System With  Breakdown Drills by Mike Rhoades Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Full Court Press VCU Style

    Virginia Commonwealth basketball has long been synonymous with up-tempo offense and full-court pressure defense that creates much of the Rams’ offense. In this video, VCU head coach Mike Rhoades, who served as an assistant under Shaka Smart, breaks down his high-pressure defense. You will learn the three different pressure defenses as well as the drills that are used to teach each one.

    Fist Press

    Rhoades’ pressure defense all starts with the implementation of Fist. The rules of the press are broken down here as well as the responsibilities of each individual player. You will see how simple it is to create pressure on the ball while maintaining positioning between the ball handler and the basket.

    Three-on-three stunting is learned to help your players understand how to jump to the ball and jump back all while seeing both the ball and the man. Rhoades demonstrates the importance of communication in the Fist as well as Double Fist and Diamond.

    Double Fist Full Court Press

    The Double Fist is used by Rhoades and VCU to surprise opponents. It is a trapping defense unique in that it is not necessarily trying to force turnovers right away, but to force opponents into turnover situations later in games.

    Players will learn when to trap and how through a series of drills which are explained by Coach Rhoades. The core of Double Fist starts with the 2-on-1 Corral where players learn to speed up ball handlers and force them to the sideline. The drills progress to a 2-on-3 Corral, a 3-on-3 Trap, and a 4-on-4 Trap Interceptor. Each is explained so that you can teach your players the Double Fist.

    Diamond Full Court Press

    The final variation of a press used by Rhoades, the Diamond Press is not the typical Diamond that many other programs utilize. Rhoades’ Diamond Press is not about forcing opponents into corners and forcing traps. Coach Rhoades explains how he likes and uses stunts to force opponents out of the middle of the floor and closer to a sideline. It is there where Rhoades’ defense can dictate to the offense.

    You will learn the nuances of the 4-on-4 drill where players learn to rotate out of a trap and have better opportunities to intercept passes. Coach Rhoades explains Fist, Double Fist, and Diamond as well as the drills used to teach them. For coaches who use full-court pressure or those looking to integrate it into their system, Coach Rhoades’ video is a must-have.

    100 minutes. 2018. Rent this full court press defense system today.

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