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  • Jay Hernandez Freeze Pullups
  • How to create a shot in basketball
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  • Freeze Pullups
  • Freeze Pullups
  • Freeze Pullups
  • Freeze Pullups
  • Freeze Pullups
  • Freeze Pullups
  • Freeze Pullups
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Jay Hernandez' Freeze Pullups will teach you how to get your shot off and create space against any defender off the dribble.  Jay breaks down all of the moves on each side of the floor so you can score from anywhere on the court.  Jay is currently an assistant coach/player development coach for the Orlando Magic and trains NBA players on a daily basis with these same moves.  Maybe you are a great scorer off the catch, but can you get your shot off without a screen?  If you want to be the player that takes that final shot you are going to have to be able to create your shot off the dribble without having to rely on teammates to get you open.  If you can score off the dribble, you will be unstoppable because the defense won't know what's going to happen because you could get open with a screen or reject the screen and go off the dribble.

An important component of scoring off the dribble is having control of the basketball and being able to handle it very well.  You can't be fumbling the ball when you are trying to get into your shot so Jay has included all the necessary dribbling drills that will help you have a quick shot off the dribble.  Just do these ball handling drills 5-10 minutes a day and you will develop a quick release shot.

Jay will also cover how to score in transition off the dribble.  If you want to be a big time scorer then you always need to be a threat anytime the ball is in your hands.  You'll have to put in the work with the moves Jay is teaching you in the video to get that kind of green light from a coach.  If you can prove to your coach you can come down and score anytime, you will become a dominant player.

Learn the moves of the Pros that Jay has taught to players like Kemba Walker, Ben Gordon, and more.  This is NBA instruction!

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