(Rental)-Free Throw Line Break

  • (Rental)-Free Throw Line Break
  • Free Throw Line Break by Sharman White Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Sharman White: Free Throw & Sideline Fast Break Offense 

    Sharman White, former Georgia State assistant and current Pace Academy (GA) head coach, sets a goal of 16 to 24 points per game in free throw situations. Coach White is talking about fast break opportunities off of both made and missed free throws. In this on-court demonstration, Coach White shows you how to gain an advantage on any team simply by using the free throw line.

    Coach White points out how you can attack teams from a dead ball situation and catch them off guard. You will see White’s sideline break alignment using his 14 and 15 play calls with a detailed explanation of each position. The idea is to attack in three seconds or less by moving the ball quickly with overhead passes. Coach White demonstrates how it is done in both a 5-on-0 and a 5-on-5 situation.

    Once players have mastered this situation, Coach White then goes into counters and how to beat your opponent even when they know the break is coming. You’ll see a flex cut or shuffle cut thrown into the sideline attack which effectively throws out your opponent’s scouting report.

    Special Situations

    Another situation Coach White reviews is when your team is trailing late in a game. Using the X and X2 calls, he shows you how to use your players basketball IQ and their athletic ability to generate easy points off a missed free throw or how to get a 3-pointer at the buzzer when needed.

    Attacking Press

    Coach White’s presentation ends with him taking you through a press that attacks your opponent whether you make or miss a free throw attempt. In “Black” he demonstrates how to attack opposing post player who don’t like to handle the ball in pressure situations.

    Against good competition, coaches are always searching for an advantage. Coach White’s special situations strategy is one that can help you and your team add 16 to 24 points per game out of free throw line situations. Take advantage & rent this fast break offense DVD today!

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