(Rental)-Fred Hoiberg Open Practice: Off-season Shooting & Conditioning Workout

  • Off Season Basketball Shooting Drills and workout with Fred Hoiberg
  • Fred Hoiberg Open Practice: Off-season Shooting & Conditioning Workout by Fred Hoiberg Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Off Season Basketball Shooting Drills with Fred Hoiberg

    It is one of the most fundamental skills in basketball – shooting. In this video from Nebraska head men’s basketball coach Fred Hoiberg, you will discover a collection of shooting drills from some of the best shooters of all time. Hoiberg, the former Iowa State head coach, spent 10 years in the NBA and, most recently, was the head coach of the Chicago Bulls. Throughout his career, Hoiberg has collected a number of drills from players like Larry Bird, Chris Mullin, and Reggie Miller.

    Hoiberg’s 2012 Iowa State team engineered the biggest turnaround in Big 12 history when it won 23 games and beat defending national champion Connecticut in the NCAA tournament that year. Hoiberg’s Cyclone teams were always among the nation’s leaders in scoring and his 2013 team led the country in 3-pointers per game.

    In this 52-minute off season basketball shooting drills video, you will see Coach Hoiberg put his players through an offseason shooting workout. The drills he uses come from the likes of Bird, Mullin, and even himself. Hoiberg led the entire NBA in 2005 in 3-point field goal percentage shooting a blistering 48 percent from behind the arc.

    Off Season Basketball Shooting Drills & Workout

    The workout begins with warm-up drills for shooters. Each drill emphasizes footwork, balance, and finishing every shot. You will see 10 more shooting drills that cover a number of different situations. Some have conditioning elements while others attempt to replicate coming off a screen in a game-like atmosphere. Transition shooting, shooting off the catch, and finishing at the rim are all skills that are addressed in these drills.

    At the end of each drill, shooters complete a round of 3-pointers. Players make two 3-pointers from five different spots – corner, wing, top, opposite wing, opposite corner – before coming back around to make one at each spot. Once the 3-pointers are finished, players make five free throws in order to continue to the next drill.

    Coach Hoiberg is a firm believer that shooters are made in the offseason. Using the drills presented in this video, players can create the muscle memory and mental toughness to become top-level shooters in your program. Rent this off season basketball shooting drills DVD today.

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