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  • (Rental)-Favorite Practice Drills From the Pros
  • Favorite Practice Drills From the Pros by Eric Musselman Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Basketball Practice Drills from the Pros

    Eric Musselman is well-known in basketball coaching circles for his intensity, outstanding basketball IQ, and his ability to turn around programs. He took Nevada to three Mountain West Conference regular season titles, one conference tournament championship, and all the way to the 2018 Sweet Sixteen.

    Now, he is doing the same at Arkansas and takes time in this presentation to discuss some of his secrets. The video offers up some of Coach Musselman’s favorite drills to develop players into tough defensive units, efficient shooters, and effective ball handlers.

    Warmup Drills

    The warmup begins with a series of ball handling moves in the full-court. Four players at once criss-cross down the floor. Then, a second ball is introduced as players use both chest and bounce passes as they slide down the court.

    The One More Pass drill was something Musselman got from the San Antonio Spurs. The drill emphasizes making the extra pass to get the defense into multiple rotations. A post player is added to the drill and every player rotates to each spot. Players work on a multitude of skills in one simple drill.

    Defensive Basketball Practice Drills

    Coach Musselman’s defensive drills not only work fundamentals, but they also are meant to breed toughness. The Czar Closeout drill helps players talk and get active with their hands and feet as they execute closeouts. The Pat Riley Closeout drill is a wrinkle you can add to your closeout technique in the same drill and create different ways to defend shooters on the perimeter.

    Shooting and Full-Court Passing Drills

    Two drills are presented that work on getting players up and down the floor quickly and shooting while fatigued. The 130 in 3 shooting drill and the Celtic Advance Pass drill both incorporate conditioning into a fast-paced shooting drill.

    The Celtic Advanced pass drill is timed and players learn how to make good passes and layups while under pressure. Players are also learning to protect the ball and avoid costly turnovers.

    Pick & Roll Defense Drills

    The presentation ends with Coach Musselman demonstrating two pick and roll defense drills. Warriors Pick and Roll Defense is an outstanding drill that encompasses all pick and roll defense skills. The Miami drills works on one of today’s big offensive trends – going through the elbow to run the offense.

    All in all, this is outstanding presentation and a must-have video from one of college basketball’s best coaches in the game today. Rent this basketball practice drills

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