(Rental)-Explosive & Full Court Drills Around The World

  • (Rental)-Explosive & Full Court Drills Around The World
  • Explosive & Full Court Drills Around The World by Terry Layton Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Explosive and Full Court Drills from Around the World

    Terry Layton has been around the world as a basketball coach, scout, and player. Currently a Nike scout and International Basketball Consultant for Latin America, Layton offers some of what is being done at the international level. He shares some very innovative drills and ideas not seen elsewhere. All the drills are demonstrated with just two baskets, which is what most international coaches have available.

    Explosion Drills

    Using whiteboard diagrams and on-court demonstrations, Coach Layton provides an overview of explosion drills. These are used to improve an athlete’s speed and teach an athlete how to change speeds. It’s a unique look inside some interesting training.

    Coach Layton discusses 10 aspects of explosion training. These include moving faster after making a fake, increasing speed when changing direction, exploding after a pass or screen, exploding into position in transition, and more. You will see two drills on technique, two on faking, three drills that work on passing, and many more. There are also defensive drills including one for long traps and one for short traps. The drills give unique insight into basketball in the international arena.

    Full Court Drills

    In the next segment, Coach Layton covers seven drills used by some of the top international coaches in the game. Each drill incorporates Fartlek training or continuous interval training to help condition athletes. The full-court drills work on fundamental habits

    • warmup or pre-game routines to get players loose and focused
    • Chinese Drill: players

    that turn athletes into explosive players. You will see passing drills that teach players how to get the ball to an open teammate. Along with that, Coach Layton shows you a new concept called “belly passes” to prepare players for any open shot.

    The drills Coach Layton shares include:

    • Argentine Drill: use for  learn to attack the basket off a pick-and-roll or pick-and-pop
    • Mexican 3-Ball Drill: players master the triple threat and shot prep as they look to attack the basket off a drive and kick situation

    Coach Layton’s presentation can help you develop players all while maximizing your gym space. Push your players to a new level of training and moving with this DVD. Rent this Full Court Drills DVD today.

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