(Rental)-Elite Level Perimeter Player

  • (Rental)-Elite Level Perimeter Player
  • Elite Level Perimeter Player by Rob McClanaghan Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Elite Basketball: Perimeter Player Development

    Professional basketball trainer Rob McClanaghan has trained some of the NBA’s and WNBA’s best. Players like Russell Westbrook, Kevin Durant, Stephen Curry, and Candace Parker have all trained with McClanaghan. In this video, the NBA skills trainer lays out his blueprint for building the complete perimeter player.

    Coach McClanaghan starts with shooting and moves through stationary and moving ball-handling drills, change of direction drills, and drills for working on using ball screens.

    Elite Basketball Shooting Form

    The fundamentals of shooting are important at any level. Coach McClanaghan demonstrates how to properly shoot the ball. Players then work on mastering their technique and form.

    Stationary & Moving Ball-Handling

    No matter what level a player is at, they must work on the basic fundamentals. One of those, of course, is ball-handling. Coach McClanaghan puts players through a set of 10 simple, effective, and time-efficient drills that help players improve their dribbling technique. Players also see several new dribbling moves that create scoring opportunities for everyone on the floor.

    Change of Speed/Direction

    To be a great perimeter player, one must be able to deceive defenders by changing speed and/or direction. Coach McClanaghan helps players build these skills with a set of “off the wing” moves. Players must have a strong jab step.

    McClanaghan demonstrates an effective jab step and then adds a counter. Each move that players develop must have a counter. Having a variety of moves makes a player that much more potent when they get the ball on the wing.

    Ball Screens

    Today’s offenses utilize the ball screen more and more. To be an effective guard or wing, players must be able to set up defenders and use ball screens. Coach McClanaghan works with players to help them read the defense. That way, players can work against hedges, hard hedges, traps, and defenders going under the screen.

    McClanaghan also works on dribble pull-ups, lateral action, and drive and kicks. Each has a drill or two that helps players develop these skills. Like the rest of his drills, these are not only designed for skill development, they also help players learn to perform under pressure and serve as conditioning drills.

    This DVD is loaded with ideas and drills from one of the NBA’s best skills trainers. Let Coach McClanaghan help you build quality perimeter players by adding this to your coaching video library. Rent this elite basketball perimeter player DVD today.

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