(Rental)-Mike Krzyzewski Open Practice: Offensive Playbook

  • Duke Basketball Offensive Plays by Mike Krzyzewski DVD
  • Mike Krzyzewski Open Practice: Offensive Playbook by Mike Krzyzewski Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Duke Basketball Offensive Plays 

    Duke head coach Mike Krzyzewski opens up his playbook in this video and shares practice film to give you an inside look at the Blue Devils’ high-scoring offense. With material from coaching clinics over the past several years, Coach K introduces both his man-to-man and zone offenses as well as a number of quick hitters in the half-court offense and out of bounds plays. You will also see the practice drills used to teach proper spacing and correct tempo as required in the offense.

    Krzyzewski, of course, has the most career wins of any NCAA Division I coach, has won five national titles, and is a member of the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame. His presentation begins with the primary and secondary fast break actions used in the Duke offense. He reviews each position and the actions they can execute to create angles against a particular defense. Duke players run through seven different transition drills to refine their set plays. The Weave Series works on your fast break attack with drills like 3-Man Weave into 2-on-1. Coach K also shows you how to flow from transition right into the set offense using the 5-Man Weave into 5-on-0.

    Duke Basketball Offensive Plays vs. Half Court Defense

    Coach K illustrates a variety of set plays that Duke uses against half-court defenses. You will see how Duke continually works on getting the ball up the floor quickly and spreading the floor with shooters and attacking with ball screens. The Down & Through plays show you how to get a certain player a shot in crunch time.

    You will also learn how Duke attacks all zone defense with the Gap and 3-Deep offenses. The practice 5-on-5 video will show you adjustments that are made to add quick hitters against both odd and even zone defenses. You also get a look at the Four and Cross baseline inbounds play that is used against zone defenses.

    Don’t let defenses dictate what plays you run. With Coach K’s offensive system, you will have a series of set plays that can be used with great success against most any half-court defense. By eliminating the memorization of new plays, Coach K’s system also frees up time to spend elsewhere on other team needs. This 104-minute video is an absolute must-have for any coaching collection. Rent this Duke basketball offensive plays DVD today.

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