(Rental)-Developing The Undersized Post Player

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    Post Player Drills - For An Undersized Post Player

    Post play is almost a forgotten art these days. In this presentation by former NBA All-Star Adrian Dantley and former NBA assistant coach Barry Hecker, learn how to develop the undersized post player. Dantley was one of the best small forwards to dominate the post. He was just as effective in the post as he was on the wing and most of that can be attributed to his work on the fundamentals of post play.

    In this video, Dantley shares a workout for post players that should become a daily routine, in-season as well as in the offseason. They are the same drills that led to his successful career and eventual induction into the Naismith Basketball Hall of Fame.

    Developing Footwork & Finishing

    The workout starts with footwork in the post and progresses to automating finishes close to the basket. The routine ends with techniques for turning athletes into tough scoring machines.

    Also included in the video is a segment on the hook shot. It is one of the most underused moves in today’s game, but was the go-to move for Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, the NBA’s all-time scoring leader. Dantley demonstrates the move, teaches it, and then shows you how to combine it with other moves to finish at the rim. Even smaller players can use the hook shot to avoid being blocked by taller players.

    Fundamental Drills for the Low Post

    Dantley then shifts to the low post where he shows you the fundamental drills he used to develop his game. One of the staples is the Mikan Drill, which can help any player be more efficient around the hoop. Dantley also works the drop step another effective way to seal defenders and attack the rim.

    During his career, Dantley was a complete player and took defenders to the perimeter. He shares drills and techniques he used there as well. He demonstrates the forward pivot and reverse pivot and how to use the pivot to increase scoring options.

    This on-court demonstration comes from one of the game’s all-time greats and is great for motivated young players and coaches who want to develop their post play from the ground up. Rent this post player drills development for the undersized post today.

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