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  • Defensive System For Success by Sue Phillips Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Sue Phillips: Defensive System for Success

    Long-time Archbishop Mitty HS (CA) girls’ head basketball coach Sue Phillips has over 650 career wins, 10 NorCal regional titles, and five CA state championships. She has also led the USA women’s U17 national team to gold medals in world championship play. Coach Phillips teaches a multiple defensive system that has been a big part of her success.

    In this on-court presentation, Coach Phillips shows you 10-plus drills that can be used to teach her man-to-man defense. Phillips teaches Black, which is an aggressive, denial type man-to-man, and White, where players fill into gaps to support the on-ball defender.

    Individual Defense

    Learn how Coach Phillips teaches basic defensive movements, on-ball defense, stopping penetration, and more. She shares five warm-up drills that help develop defensive mechanics players use when sliding, boxing out, and closing out. These drills include:

    • Push-Pull: Works on fine tuning proper slides and helps develop explosiveness
    • Push-Back: Box out drill
    • Recover Runs: Teaches players how to cover the entire court
    • Full Court 1-on-1: A competitive drill that works on turning and stopping the ball handler
    • Closeout Drill: A competitive drill that focuses on fundamentals

    Team Defense

    Coach Phillips teaches a progression of team defensive drills beginning with a 2-on-1 match up that builds up to a 5-on-4. Since defenses occasionally break down, players need to know how to handle those situations. These drills focus on that.

    • Dribble-Drop Triangle Shell Drill: Players learn to rotate to help on penetration from the weak side. Players are only allowed to stunt and recover on the strong side.
    • 3-on-3 Penetration Progression: Players defend penetration from the sides and work to shut down middle penetration, helping outside the paint, and closing out.
    • 4-on-3 Circle Chug Drill: Players work on denying the perimeter and shutting down cutters.
    • 4-on-3 Two Post Shell Drill: Players learn to deny the post and switch from help to on-ball or post defense as the ball moves.

    To finish it off, Coach Phillips shows you two ways to defend ball screens in a 4-on-4 shell drill. Black has players trapping the ball and looking for the interception. White uses a vertical hedge at the screen to deter the attack of the dribbler. You will also see a variation of this drill that Coach Phillips uses to teach transition defense.

    Coach Phillips presentation covers all the elements of a successful defense. With this knowledge, any coach at any level can build a defensive system that will frustrate any opponent.

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