Create Space like Kevin Durant with the Crossover Jab Move ft. Trey Slate

Kevin Durant has one of the best crossover moves in the NBA. Every aspect of the technique of this dribble move is at is best, and if we combine it with his size and wingspan, we are going to get the motion that is almost impossible to defend.

As always, coach Trey Slate will help us break down this action. The more we pay attention to the detail, the more we will be able to understand and then teach our players some of the elements that the games best players are using.


Good positioning

The first thing that we are going to talk about is how Kevin has positioned himself while receiving the ball. He is leaning towards the defender with his left shoulder and he is using his left arm to ensure the space. If we take a look at his body position in terms of his legs, we will conclude that it is just perfect: his left leg is between the legs of the defender and this way he is in a full control and has the maximum amount of awareness how the man guarding him wants to move.

Receiving the ball and the rotation towards the basket

Just before Kevin is going to receive the ball, he created a bit of separation by taking a step toward the ball. In the sequence of moves, he is starting to rotate his body toward the basket. Almost at the same moment, he has touched the ball, he is taking the first step with his left leg, and then a wide step with his right leg. After the rotation, he is facing the basket head on.

Offensive awareness

Now, as KD is facing the whole defense, at the same moment he is making the decisions:
1. His direct defender has a good stance and he is forcing him to go right side because on that side help defender is positioned as good as it can get.
2. Defender under the basket is on the left shoulder of the Jonas Jerebko, so if Kevin decides to go right side, he will have to deal with two help defenders.
3. The left side of the court is empty because the defender that is guarding Klay is very close to him without any means to position himself correctly (two steps toward the paint).

As we can see on the picture, he is taking the step towards the right side but all as preparation for the next move.
He is not dribbling the ball towards the right, but instead, he is just doing a jab step.

The first dribble that Kevin is making is an actual crossover move as it is shown on the picture (orange ball and the pointers). As we can see, the man guarding him has moved to the right which was the goal of the whole action. Now, Durant took two dribbles to the left and went for a jumper (green circle).

Let us see what coach Trey Slate has to say about this move. Keep the track of the detail and try to focus on the important stuff.

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Perfect Crossover Dribbling Technique


Dec 11, 2018 Coach Viktor

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