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  • ON COURT TRACTION - Restores Traction On the Court, During Play
  • NO POWDERS OR SPRAYS - Eliminates wiping your shoes for traction
  • STAY HEALTHY - Health benefit from not using your hands for traction
  • GET AN EDGE - Reduces the chance of injury from slipping
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wipe.jpgCourt Grabbers are the answer to improving your basketball shoe traction and you can do it while you are on the court.  No waiting for a timeout or stop in play to gain traction.   Do it during play!  Court Grabbers are permitted for play during games.  Court Grabbers are great looking and fit onto your shoe.  All you have to do is wipe one shoe over the other and you have instant traction.  Think of the advantage you will gain on the court when your opponents have to deal with the slippery basketball court and you are making sharp cuts and not sliding all over the court.  You also reduce change for injury by not slipping on slippery basketball courts.



Court Grabbers are great basketball training equipment for any sport played on a court.  Besides basketball you can use them for:

  • Volleyball
  • Raquetball
  • Badminton
  • Aerobic classes
  • Floorball
  • Any indoor court activity. 

Rule Compliance

Court Grabbers® are legal for play.  The two main regulatory bodies that govern sports in the U.S are the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) and the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA). Court Grabbers® have been reviewed by both of these organizations.

It is important to note that while neither the NFHS nor the NCAA formally “approve” or “endorse” equipment, they have found Court Grabbers® to be “Permitted for Play”, which means athletes are able to use Court Grabbers® in games which are governed by the rules of these bodies.

While it will take some time for officials, players and coaches to become aware of the compliance of Court Grabbers®, we have gained permission to provide you with the letters of compliance which can be downloaded or viewed as confirmation of the permisability of Court Grabbers®.

View & Print Compliance Letters:

NCAA Letter

PIAA Rules Bulletin


Court Grabbers FAQ

Are they legal for play?

Court Grabbers have been reviewed and deemed “Permitted for Play” by the NCAA, in November of 2013 and the National Federation of High Schools (NFHS) in April of 2012. Most AAU programs follow NFHS regulations. We are working on getting clearance with FIBA. Compliance letters can be printed from our site just click the Compliance tab on this page.

Do they work on all shoes?

Court Grabbers will work on all shoes with exposed laces. Shoes with straps at the ankle level should be fine. You can adjust how Court Grabbers sit on your shoe by moving them up the laces. Court Grabbers will not work on shoes with mid-instep straps. Straps that are near the top of the shoe should work fine.

Court Grabbers work best on shoes with normal, flat soles, found on most court shoes.

What are the dimensions and how much do they weigh?

• Court Grabbers are 2.25 inches in length.
• At the widest point, they are 1.25 inches and taper to .25 inch at the narrow end.
• The complete unit is very thin. They sit a mere 1/8th of an inch above your laces.
• Court Grabbers are feather light. 2 Base Strips/Traction Pad units weigh a total of ½ an ounce.

How long do they last?
Court Grabbers are made from very durable materials and should last an entire season. We used the same materials in our original model and have many players using the same kit for over a year. Like anything, lifetime varies with severity of use, but you can beat them up pretty good.


How long do the Traction Pads last?

Depending upon how much use and abuse they receive, your Traction Pads should last from 3-6 months. They are made from durable plastics and one of the most durable cloths on Earth. The most important thing you can do to make them last and perform properly is to wash them at least every other use and certainly before any game or important match. Just wash them with your dark colors and dry in the dryer as well. Fortunately, they are inexpensive to replace, so you can have extra sets on hand so you never slip up on the court.

When should I replace them?

When you see the cloth of the Traction Pad has a hole in it, or the tabs become loose, either of which may happen after many months of continued use, it’s time of a new set of Traction Pads.

Base Strips should last a very long time. Replace if the rails that hold the Traction Pad or the securing bands on the underside break or crack. Do not use cracked or broken parts. Keep the grooves of the rails clean and free from any dirt.

What’s in the Gel?

Court Grabber Traction Gel is made up of 86% natural ingredients, stuff we eat and drink daily. 13% is alcohol, in 1/5th the concentration found in common hand sanitizer. The remaining 1% is comprised of a bittering agent, a gelifier, and common food coloring. An independent, 3rd party certification is available.

How long does the gel last?

Each user is different. If you use your Court Grabbers everyday, you can expect each ounce of Traction Gel to last 2-3 weeks. Since you do not need much gel for the system to work, you may find you use even less. A 2 ounce bottle plus a 4 oz bottle should last you at least an entire season of practices and games.

Will the Gel stain my cloths or shoes?

No. Traction gel will wash out of clothes. If you spill it in your gym bag, just throw it and all contents in the wash. We have not seen any effect on shoes as well. There is no known affect on any court surface. Traction gel has a nice scent, so if you do spill it in your gym bag, your stuff will smell nice on those long drives home.

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