(Rental)-Continuity On Ball Screening Offense with High Low ActionOffense

  • (Rental)-Continuity On Ball Screening Offense with High Low ActionOffense
  • Continuity On Ball Screening Offense with High Low ActionOffense by Jaime White Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Continuity On-Ball Screen Offense with High-Low Action

    The ball screen is one of the most used actions at all levels of basketball. It is extremely difficult to defend and defenses have responded with numerous adjustments. In this video, Fresno State women’s head coach Jaime White gives an in-depth look at her continuity on-ball screening offense. Take a look inside the offense that has produce four winning seasons at Fresno State and, before that, the most wins in Northern Colorado women’s basketball history.

    Twist & Double

    Coach White starts the presentation on the whiteboard explaining the details of the offense. She reviews how to set it up, spacing, and the basic movements. She also describes the purpose and philosophy of the offense and why it can be successful for any coach.

    The presentation then goes into the two on-ball screening actions: Twist and Double. Coach White explains each on the whiteboard first before moving onto the court. Twist is a single on-ball screen on the wing on either side of the floor. Double is a double on-ball screen for the wing which then flows right into the continuity of the offense.

    Moving to the floor, Coach White goes over each action as well as the counters and change ups, such as Quick and Pop. One of the primary focuses of the offense is to use the post players. Each action ends in some sort of high-low opportunity. Coach White then discusses what makes a good post-up opportunity and how to exploit defenses that front, switch, or three-quarter to the post player.

    Counters & Film

    Defenses try to take away the initial entry pass to take away certain actions in an offense. Coach White reveals her experience with the offense by reviewing every counter and defensive adjustment you could see. You’ll see a middle pick-and-roll against teams that want to pressure the point guard. For teams that “ice” the Twist action, Coach White calls Corner which takes advantage of defensive positioning.

    Coach White then brings it all together with a review of actual game footage. You will see the continuity offense in action. This is one of the most comprehensive presentations of a continuity ball screen offense you will see. Coach White shares an offense that any coach at any level can take and use to be successful. Rent this ball screen offense DVD today.hytewdcj;pkk

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