Weighted Indoor Basketball for Training (Men or Women)

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  • composite leather weighted basketball 28.5 29.5
  • Composite Weighted basketball for dribbling drills
  • composite leather weighted basketball mens womens
  • weighted basketball rebounding drills
  • weighted basketball for passing drills
  • weighted basketball to increase range on shot
  • composite leather weighted basketball for training
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Help Players Become Stronger w/ the Ball, Increase Shooting Range, Rip Down Rebounds, Zip Passes & Handle the Basketball w/ Authority...w/ a Weighted Basketball!

weighted basketball for training composite leather

Free Weighted Basketball Video to Maximize Your Training Results

Just scan the QR Code on the HoopsKing Composite Leather Weighted Basketball to get a free weighted ball training video featuring NBA Coach Jay Hernandez. Jay will give you lots of great drills that will show you how to get the most out of your weighted basketball.

weighted basketball free video

Our Ball Features a Great Grip and Deep Channels So You Feel in Control

With a heavy basketball you need deep channels in the ball so that it is easier to handle.

Build Confidence with a Weighted Basketball

hoopsking weighted heavy basketball

Not only will players develop better handles, increase shooting range, learn to squeeze the basketball on rebounds, and throw hard, crisp passes - they will become more confident when the ball is in their hands. After using the weighted basketball the regular basketball will feel light and make players feel powerful. The regular ball will seem light compared to the weighted basketball. This will increase player's confidence with the basketball and make them feel more powerful on the court.

Train with Two Weighted Basketballs for Dribbling & Passing Drills...Develop Skills Faster

Work both hands at the same time and increase difficulty with two ball dribbling and passing drills.

weighted basketballs two ball drills
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