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    Complete Package for Man & Zone Offense

    Kevin Boyle has built one of the most successful high school boys’ basketball programs in the nation at Montverde Academy (FL). Boyle has won five high school national championships and has been named a national coach of the year eight times. Between 2011 and 2015, Boyle coached five players selected in the top-3 of the NBA draft.

    In this video, Coach Boyle presents a complete offensive package for man and zone defenses. He includes fundamental drills, transition play, set plays, and pressure releases.

    Drills for Man & Zone Offense

    In order for players to be multidimensional they must work on fundamentals. Coach Boyle starts with players going through drills to work on dribble penetration and using ball screens. In both situations, he runs players through the various options while reading the defense to make good decisions.

    Next, Coach Boyle moves to shooting drills for guards. The drills work on skills like coming off of a screen to get a shot, reading help defense, and how to get open. This is followed by post work where players work the Mikan Drill and several variations of it.

    Transition Offense

    Playing in transition is crucial to getting great scoring opportunities. In this segment, Coach Boyle works through a progression that starts with a three-man break and then moves to 4- and 5-man versions. In the 5-man break, Coach Boyle goes through some of the early offense options, all of which come from the fundamental drills from earlier in the presentation.

    Special Situations

    Finally, Coach Boyle runs through some special situations for their 4-Out, 1-In motion offense. He also includes set plays, pressure releases, and clear outs.

    After working on man-to-man defenses, Coach Boyle talks about attacking multiple zone defenses like the 2-3, 1-3-1, 1-2-2, and 3-2. The goal for the offense is to create as many 2-on-1 situations as possible as these can break down the zone.

    Coach Boyle does a great job of presenting everything a coach and team needs to become a strong offensive team with many different options for success! Rent this Man & Zone offense DVD today.

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