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    Basketball Practice DVD with Mike Maker

    The offense of Mike Maker's is so good that it is known as the Princeton Offense on steroids. This amazing classical version will ignite spark in the players and also maintains the discipline which is very important and which will help the players become really efficient in offense. You are going to experience how this coaching veteran of 23 years will prepare the players for the upcoming season.

    There are several breakdown drills in the All Access DVD set. These drills are and variations are devised by none other than Coach Maker. You will get to know his 90/10 concept. Which means 10 percent are focused on defense while the 90 percent focus is on offense.

    In order to refine his players offensive skills set, the coach will make the players go through offensive drills. You will see how the coach Maker will make you learn many Princeton options in a 5-on-0 setting. He will also allow the players to execute the drills properly and according to their individual strength and limits. He motivates the players to go with their natural instincts as they dive deep into the controlled 5-on-5 scrimmages, allowing offense to evolve.

    Basketball Practice Scrimmage

    The players along with the coach Maker will be spending lots of time on team scrimmaging. During the scrimmages the focus will be on Princeton Offense. Furthermore, the teaching process will be on as well during the drills. The coach and his staff spends lots of time on correcting the players. This way of explaining of the offense in motion is very useful and it is an integral teaching tool for the coach. It is very difficult to find a team that can execute so fluently within an offensive concept which is as sophisticated as the Princeton offense. After all this you will understand the reason why it's called the Princeton on Steroids.

    You are going to learn a lot and will be benefited from numerous drills and skills. Each of the drill is an extension of the overall offense. When it comes to the individual or separate drills, the players will learn how Maker teaches his man-to-man defensive principles with the help of the drills like 3-on-3 and 2-on-2. Rent Mike Maker's Basketball Practice DVD today.

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