Basketball Training Pads

Basketball Training Pads

Why Use Basketball Training Pads?

Basketball training pads are excellent to use to simulate contact with players. Basketball in a contact sport and players need to learn to take contact and finish plays when getting hit by defenders. Even if a foul is called the offensive player’s goal should be to make the shot and get the foul for an And 1 situation.

You can add contact to layup lines, rebounding drills, dribbling drills, screen drills, and just about any type of drill you would do in a game. You can even use them during stationary dribbling drills to push on players so they stay low, have a wide stance, and stay on balance. Players quickly learn to play on balance once they get pushed with the pad a few times. They learn to play stronger and own their space.

HoopsKing Basketball Training Pads

Our Defender Extender Training Pads are used by NBA, College, High School, & below teams. They help simulate a longer, taller, and more athletic player. You can use the Defender Extender pads to challenge shooting over a taller player with guards and posts. With guards challenge them to shoot over you from 3 point range and out of triple threat challenge the shot with one pad and challenge the dribble with the other pad.

Players will have to learn how to move the defender by using jabs and fakes.

Our Toughness Training pad is great for pushing on players to make them hold their ground. Whether dribbling, posting up, or working on rebounding drills, the Toughness Training Pad is light weight and easy to move around the court with.

Basketball training pads are great to toughen up your players, get them to play on balance, and finish at the basket with contact. Don’t wait until your players get into games to have to play with contact. Prepare them in practice.

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