(Rental)-Chaos Full Court Pressure Defense

  • (Rental)-Chaos Full Court Pressure Defense
  • Chaos Full Court Pressure Defense by Brian Field Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Brian Field has gained so much knowledge from one of the best brains of the NBA world. From Dave Price to Kipper Todd to David Carrier he has been learning from all of the greats of the game. Field has also made a full court pressing system which is based on the details and philosophies from each coach. Well, to be very honest his system of full court defensive system is no doubt one of the most chaotic system in the Basketball and the reason is his abilities to create unthinkable traps in the court.

    Black 1-2-1-1

    Well, in the typical 1-2-1-1 full court trapping defense, all you have to do is to increase your speed up and force some rushed shots and passes. But the case is different in this case as the coach field uses the same philosophy but there is an addition of the flooding system. The moment ball gets into the front court and into the deep corner, the defense floods the paint that eventually saves the rim from easy baskets. The coach Field uses this system off of any made basket in the paint.Whenever you are forcing the opponent player to play a false shot or turn the ball over, your team will be there to assist you and

    will help you create re-tapping angles and opportunities. Communication is everything for this kind of defense.

    White Run and Jump

    Man-to-man-run and jump press are shown by the coach Field while building on his defense system. He has explained everything so beautifully and has highlighted key points like the element of surprise and why he doesn’t this as a typical run and jump press.The moment defense turns their back at the half court, the trail defender is being used by the coach Field for sprinting ahead and trap just after half court. This will allow a long, cross the court skip pass as an open look out of the trap. The team will be able to make create deflections and pressure all over the floor when they take away the passing lanes with off-ball defenders.

    Full 2-2-1

    This is kind of a traditional approach which is being used by the coach Field. He uses the 2-2-1 full court press to lure the opponents in traps and forces them to make mistakes just pass half court. So, its all about breaking into the strengths of the opponents and forcing them up the sideline into a trap with his most athletic and long players. When the ball starts moving up the floor, the trapping players start moving up the floor as well. Eventually, the players start to trust each other as they will set out once the traps occur to cover open areas.

    Blue 2-3 Zone Trap

    The coach Field tries to change the pace while taking advantage of the stoppage in play. Using a packed in style of play, guards start the implementation of the trap the moment ball gets below the free throw line. The defenders will be focusing on trapping in the deep corner and only allowing a skip pass.

    Pink 1-3-1

    So, there is another technique which is very effective in the Field’s Chaos pressing system which is Pink 1-3-1. In this half court trap technique, the players fly all over the floor trapping in the four corners. This trapping defense is being used by the coach Field to trap in the high corners, low corners, or all over; this style of defense is used at a stoppage of play or during a timeout.


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