Change Speeds to Blow by Your Defender & Score in the Paint by Isaiah Thomas ft. Trey Slate

In basketball, it is important to teach your players that there is not just one way to beat the defender. While everybody is training the be speedy, it is rare that the basketball player is learning how to stop fast. Being able to change the rhythm is in many times more useful than being able to run fast. Today we are going to analyze this move done by Isaiah Tomas. As there are more good basketball elements to see, this video is perfect for our next article.
The coach that will help us with the detail is Trey Slate, the skill development coach that works with Avery Bradley and Buddy Hield.

Stop and observe how the defense reacts on your moves

Here, we can see that Tomas wants to set up the final move. So what is he doing? He made one or two casual dribbles, then he has stopped in a vertical stance to see the reaction by the defender. If the defense has decided to cross the path, Tomas would have a chance to do the rolling and to go left side, which is his dominant hand side.

a blow by but help defenders are there

Because of the good defensive positioning, Tomas had no other choice except to continue with full speed towards the paint. After two hard dribbles, he sees that the help defenders are positioned as well as they can be. His next move is to go for a full stop with his left leg used as a break. The defender was beaten on the drive so he is now trailing behind.

full stop and a step back

In the sequence of the moves, we have a step back done by Tomas. As the trailing defender is making an extra effort to try and reconnect on the penetration, now he can't stop fast enough, so Isaiah has all the time in the world to take a mid-range jumper.

Take a quick look at the help defenders. They are position as well as it can be.

open jumper

Let us take a look at what coach Trey has to say about this move:

If you want to learn more about the benefits of changing the pace while running, go and see more videos by clicking on the link below:

Dec 09, 2018 Coach Viktor

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