(Rental)-Buzz Defense Breakdown Drills & Special Situations

  • (Rental)-Buzz Defense Breakdown Drills & Special Situations
  • Buzz Defense Breakdown Drills & Special Situations by Mike Divilbiss Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    The Buzz Defense: Breakdown Defense Drills & Special Situations

    With over 30 years of college coaching experience, Mike Divilbiss presents the Buzz Defense, a fast-paced trapping zone defense that completely disrupts an opponent’s offensive attack. In the video, Coach Divilbiss teaches the breakdown drills you can use to teach players how to move, react, and rebound out of the Buzz defense. You will also see how to prepare the Buzz defense for a number of special situations that often arise during a game.

    Breakdown Drills

    Coach Divilbiss explains a number of drills and starts with one that teaches guards to move from on-ball defense to another “home base” on the floor. Defenders sprint from one pass to the next while trying to get deflections and disrupt the offense’s movement. Players also work on trapping, defending one- or two-guard fronts, and taking away passing lanes.

    The Inside Drill teaches the bottom three players in the Buzz how to move and rotate should the ball get past the two trapping guards. Players develop an uncanny ability to anticipate the next pass while also learning what to do when the ball is skipped, goes to the corner, or enters the high post.

    One of the keys in playing a zone defense is making sure your athletes are trained in how to rebound. Coach Divilbiss reviews where players must rotate to and the spots on the floor they need to cover when a shot goes up. If not trained properly, rebounding can become difficult in the zone defense.

    Special Situations Defense Drills

    Divilbiss has watched over the years as opponents attempt to break down the Buzz. As a result, he has come up with plenty of adjustments. He reviews the most common things teams do to beat the Buzz. He also reviews defending out of bounds situations, adjusting to a 1-4 high set, best times to trap, and how to cover in defensive transition.

    Coach Divilbiss owes his success to the Buzz defense and gives you the drills needed to ensure it operates at its best. Empower your players to play great defense and watch the wins pile up this season! Rent this breakdown defense drills DVD today. 

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