(Rental)-Breakdown Drills for the Continuity On Ball Screen High Low Offense

  • (Rental)-Breakdown Drills for the Continuity On Ball Screen High Low Offense
  • Breakdown Drills for the Continuity On Ball Screen High Low Offense by Jaime White Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Breakdown Drills for the Continuity On-Ball Screen Offense High-Low Action

    Fresno State University women’s head coach Jaime White goes in-depth with the continuity on-ball screening high-low offense in this video. Coach White was the winningest coach in Northern Colorado history before taking the job at Fresno State. In six seasons with the Bulldogs, White has guided her team to three 20-win seasons and four postseason appearances.

    In this video, you will see 16 drills that help the development of the continuity ball screen offense high-low action. The drills help to decipher all of the different issues teams face in putting together this effective offensive system. Coach White breaks down each drill and emphasizes the skills players should be working on in each one.

    Drills & Explanations

    Coach White begins with a thorough explanation of each drill using a whiteboard. She explains the drill as well as how the drill fits into the continuity ball-screen offense. Next, Coach White goes to the court to demonstrate each drill from the whiteboard chat. The idea of seeing it first and then watching it live is an approach that can help coaches better understand the concepts and the drills presented.

    Some of what is taught in the drills includes the following:

    • Drive & Kick
    • High-Low Post-Ups
    • Double Ball Screens
    • Post Dives
    • Pick & Pops

    Sets & Ball Screen Tips

    Coach White shows you two different sets in her offense. The first is Twist, where you get some great ball screen action that leads to post-ups. You will also see counters for when the post-up is denied.

    The second set is Double, which begins with a double ball screen. One screener slips while the other rolls and both become scoring threats. The action is difficult to stop. Coach White also shows you how Double can flow right into Twist. This helps to minimize the amount of learning your players have to do while still keeping the ability to attack defenses with multiple sets.

    One of the great benefits of this video for coaches is that it teaches specific skills related to screening. Coach White talks about having proper footwork, screening angles, and cutting in sharp lines. Regardless of the offense you run, the knowledge of screening is beneficial.

    If you are searching for an offense that gets your players high percentage shots, then this presentation is for you. Learn the drills needed to install an effective continuity on-ball screening high-low offense today. Rent this ball screen offense DVD today.

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