(Rental)-Auriemma & Knight: Motion Offense Skills & Drills

  • Bob Knight Basketball Drills for Motion Offense with Geno Auriemma
  • Auriemma & Knight:motion Offense Skills & Drills by Geno Auriemma Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
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    Bob Knight Basketball Drills

    The way Coach Knight teaches his players to play Basketball is very unique and exciting. Advantage/Disadvantage is a big part of his basketball philosophy and the team which is disadvantaged will have to work really hard on the defense and smart on the offense. You will get the inside story that the coach will share with you that he used on daily basis in his practice. These daily habits help the players improve their overall skills and make them be successful in real life. With the use of on-court demonstrations, the coach will explain the hardest disadvantages players will go through like the 4vs.5 and 5vs. 4, 5 man change, 6vs. 4 and no dribble. These techniques are very helpful and these techniques will make you the players become the best version of their selves and it will make them harder than ever. The team will be able to prepare better and more effectively if they make use of these techniques.

    When the players learn how coach's disadvantage situation works, then they will certainly get better. They will also be able to master offense, defense and conversion.

    Bob Knight Basketball Drills for Coaches & Players

    In order to teach drills and skills that are required to develop a motion offense in your practice session, the coach will make use of the on-court demonstrations. The coach will make the players work on their passing, catching, dribbling and shooting of the ball on regular basis. In order to work on attacking the defense and finishing variety of ways at the basket the coach will make use of the Dribbling Drill. The players will also go through a shooting drill that will help to create better scoring opportunities.

    The shot fake is probably the most undervalued move in the game and the coach will make use of it in the best way possible. With the help of this you can blow your defender and can create an advantage situation for your team. The session will come to an end with the coach Auriemma making the players work on passing into the post with live defense. When in these drills, the coach will make you understand the art of how the defense should defend the players passing the ball into the post. Rent this Bob Knight basketball drills DVD today.

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