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  • Bob Hurley's Drills for Offensive Mastery by Bob Hurley Instructional Basketball Coaching Video
  • Bob Hurley Offensive Basektball Drills DVD
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    Bob Hurley Sr Basketball Drills for Offensive Mastery

    Learn Bob Hurley Sr Basketball Drills that will make you a better coach and your team better players. Scoring points is a must if you want to win basketball games at any level. Understanding the nuances of spacing, the mechanics of shooting, and making good decisions is a must for any player. Long-time high school basketball coach Bob Hurley Sr. spent 45 years at St. Anthony’s HS in New Jersey teaching hundreds of players to excel and win. His teams produced 28 state championships and 1,184 wins. Hurley’s teams won four national championships including two straight in 2010 and 2011 amidst an 83-game winning streak.

    Simply put, Coach Hurley knows basketball and he uses this video to share some his knowledge about offense with you. He dives deep into his bag of tricks to offer you a complete guide to developing offense. He includes many of his favorite drills as well as some insight into how to improve players’ individual skills.

    Warm Up Basketball Drills

    Consistency as an offensive player starts with how they warm up. Many of the game’s greatest players will begin preparing for a game one to two hours before their teams begin preparing for a game. You will see Coach demonstrate some easy drills like the Majerus Ball Handling Drill and the Phil Martelli Shooting Drill which has players go through game reps/shots to help develop their ball handling in the open court. This type of preparation pulls players out of their comfort zones and allows them to perform better at game time.

    Full Court Basketball Drills

    Coach Hurley sets up and demonstrates the Cardinal Full Court Drill which is a wonderful way to work on a variety of skills. The drill maximizes your practice time by incorporating the full team. Players work on their ability to get shots off, perfect their footwork on both ends of the floor, improve their rebounding, and work in transition. Players run in transition and read the defense looking to attack the rim, kick the ball to the wing, or hit a pull up jumper. It’s a great drill that incorporates a number of offensive individual skills.

    Passing, Pivoting, and Cutting Basketball Drills

    It is the attention to detail that separates the best players and coaches from the rest. Hurley leaves nothing out of this video as he shares drills to help players become better passers and cutters. The Full Court V-Cut drill forces players to take their man away and then come back to receive the basketball. The ability to get open, catch a pass, and make the next pass is a skill every player should have.

    Hurley also gets into how to protect the ball and pivot in executing a pass to the post, an open wing, or across the court. All of these skills will help your players be better on the offensive end. As players learn to master these skills, they will develop into successful players and make your program soar. It is what led Hurley to so many victories over the course of his career. Now, you can do the same with this 82-minute video. Rent the Bob Hurley Sr Basketball Drills DVD today.

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