Use Coach Wooten's PRO HOP and get some easy buckets inside the paint

There will be many times that you will find yourself in a position to have open driving lane to the basket, and only a big man inside the paint to protect the rim. If you hesitate on a pull up 3 or don't like floaters, here is something that you can do and score easy.

If you are coming in offense and you are in a full dribble mode then this picture is not important, but if  you have an open lane to attack after a good pass and assist, always use the direct foot to start the dribble, because the cross step takes more time for you to move and that means the defender has more time to catch you. 

Dribble penetration

After you took 2 ball dribbling's, you will be near the basket and the defender will come at you. 


After the second time you tap the ball, you will HOP on the side, towards the paint, and in many situations will get a easy uncontested shot. 

Secure the ball with both hands

The "must do" thing on the PRO HOP move is to hold the ball strong because it will float in front of the defenders face, and is open for a steal. 

                                                          Let us see how the PRO's are doing it.

In this video Coach Wooten will brake in down for us:

If you want to learn more offensive moves like PRO HOP, go rent a DVD by clicking on a link below:

Coach Wooten's PRO HOP

Apr 05, 2018 Coach Chris

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