Steve Nash Basketball Shooting Drills

In this drill, you're going to learn how to use a shot fake to get by your defender. The most important part about this drill is for your defender to believe that you're going to make the shot. If they think you're a threat shooting the ball, they will play you much tighter.

First, use a shot fake to get your defender off the ground.

Drills for a Better Jump Shot

Then you're going to use a circular motion to swing the ball through to get it on your right hip.

jump shot drills in basketball

Next, you're going to use your dribble to get by your defender. As you're making the move to get by your defender make sure you're going shoulder to shoulder so there's no space for them to recover. 

Use 2 dribbles to get by your defender then pull up for an open jump shot.

To see the drill in complete form, watch below:

Nov 21, 2018 Coach Chris

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