Simple Move to Get Open Without the Basketball Every Time

If you want to make your offense run smooth, you need to teach your players how to get loose off of their defenders. Lets see what are the highlights of Coach Wooten's drills.

Lets brake the L movement, and explain what needs to be done if you want to receive the ball freely every time. First you get to the low post in a sprint, just to make your defender on watch. Then walk up to the elbow slowly, to get him relaxed, and to keep his body close to yours. 

Slow movement from low to high post

When you come to high post area, put your inside leg in front of your defender, bump him with your but to make him stop moving. 

Make a defender stop by stepping in front of him.

Then, make outside step with your outside leg and sprint to the arc to receive the ball. 

Move outside to get the ball.

When receiving the ball, make your 1st step with outside leg (1), and then rotate the other leg in a back pivot (2).

Back pivot after receiving the ball.

The second move that we are going to learn is a fake inside pivot. It starts with the sprint towards the low post position, and when your player gets their, he should make a stop with the left foot (if he is coming from the right side of the court).

Stop with your left leg and make a fake back pivot.

Then he makes a FAKE pivot move, and as soon the defender is hooked up, he will go the opposite way, to the other side of the court. 

Sell the fake back pivot

For the final drill, we will practice the STEP ACROSS. It is most used when the defense is very motivated and protecting the passing lane aggressively. Take the outside foot on the inside and in front of the defender. 

Step across the defender

Make a contact and show your outside hand to receive the ball. 

Show passing hand

Let us see on the video the whole thing.

If you want to learn more off ball movement, go rent a DVD by clicking on a link below: 

Coach Wooten: Off ball movement

Apr 05, 2018 Coach Chris

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