Shooting drills by Pat Clatchey

Basketball is evolving. Basketball went from the tall and strong sport to a positionless, need to know it all, shoot the 3 point sport. If the players have evolved, that means that we as coaches need to evolve. I cant say "don't teach the low post", but I must say "teach the shooting more". We strive towards the best basketball league and the best basketball players, so we need to teach our players to shoot.

Let us see what Coach Clatchey has to teach us.

Divide your players in to pairs and let them choose positions and let them do a catch and shoot drill.

Catch and Shoot

To give a drill some competitive flavor to it, let the winner be the first one to score 15 shots, but if they miss 2 in a row, they switch the shooter. U can add some jumps or squats or sprints for the looser.

Do not let them stand and shoot, rather make them move around or maybe shoot from 2 different spots. There is a little to non chance they will stand and shoot in a real game.

Keep an eye on how they shoot. Everything is important. The stance in which they receive the ball, the preparation of the feet for the jump, the posture of the body, the hands, the eye. The good mechanics of the shot drastically increase the % of the success.

Let us see the video:

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Sep 10, 2018 Coach Chris

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