Rick Torbett's Read & React Offense: Laker Cuts

Read and React offense is a system that is getting everybody involved based on logical movement and straight thinking, reading the defense and reacting based on what you see. Read and React is the right way to play basketball, and this is a system that everybody should learn. 

Let us see what the Laker Cuts are,  and how to use them. 

Get 3 players, and put them on a Low Post, Wing and Point position. Player on the wing should have the ball. 

Laker cut: Entry pass

He will pass the ball on to the low post, make a fake move towards the Point, and cut to the basket outside the ball. The player on the point position will move to the wing position and open a passing lane and give a low post another pass option. 

Lacer cuts: Cut to the basket

The idea is that the low post player will make a pass to the cutter for an easy lay up, and if that does not work, he has the option to get the ball for a shot/drive. 

Laker cut: Option for the 3 point shot

Let us see the video:

To make every drill clear to your players, you can by some of our Coaching boards and help them visualize what are you talking about:

Coaching boards

If you want to learn more of Read and React system, go rent a DVD by clicking on a link below:

Rick Torbett's Read & React Offense: Laker Cuts

May 21, 2018 Coach Chris

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