Rick Torbett's Read & React Offense: How to use the Post players

By teaching your players the Read and React offensive movement, you are teaching them to think, to notice and to take advantage of every play on every possession. Lets see how can we efficiently use post players, or rather say post position, because in Read and React system we do not tend to declare which player is playing witch position. 

There is always the Laker cuts. We did analyze it in the particular post, but it does not hurt to see it once again. Put 3 players, one on the Point, Wing and Low Post and let the Wing player have the ball. He should pass the ball on the Post and make a cut towards him.

Laker cuts

If the entry pass is denied, the ball will go from the Wing position towards the Point position, and the Wing player will cut towards the Low Post. 

Screen and get open inside the paint

The Post player will screen for the cutter and pivot towards the heart of the paint and receive the ball. This is option number 2. 

Option 3 is a product of the same action, but this time immediately after the entry pass inside the paint, the player that is on the Point position will cut towards the paint.

Screen, get open inside the paint, go for a laker cut

And here we have 2 options, either the pass for the layup, or the post will finish with the drop step or baby hook or up and under move.

This is what the Read and React system is all about. Make a logic pass, make a logic movement, watch what the defense is doing, react opposite from it. This offensive system is showing us what logic basketball is, it teaches us to think the right way, to play the right way. The results will come on their own. 

Let us see the video:

To make every drill clear to your players, you can by some of our Coaching boards and help them visualize what are you talking about:

Coaching board

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Rick Torbett's Read & React Offense: How to use the Post players

May 21, 2018 Coach Chris

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